How to create Facebook Messenger Chatbots? [GUIDE]

Wondering how to make a chatbot for Facebook messenger using the Chatbots Builder? Well if the answer is yes then we are here to help you out. As you already aware of chatbots and probably know that the Chatbots are the new future. Also how important chatbots are when it comes to growing your business online. As you already know that the chatbots interact with your customers on your behalf, provides them useful links and so on. However, when it comes to Facebook chatbot, it is quite different. The Facebook chatbots are designed to share your blog posts to your readers or collect feedback from them. So just in case if you are too wondering how to make a chatbot for Facebook messenger using the Chatbots Builder. Then here we go:

Creating a chatbot for Facebook Messenger

At the very first you have to visit the Chatbots Builder website and click on the “Register for free” button.

Now you will get redirected to a new page where you have to enter your email address and your preferred password. Once you are done entering both of the details hit on the registration button.

ChatbotsBuilder Account Activation

On the second the page the Chatbots Builder website will ask you for a verification code. The code has been sent to you via your email. So simply access your mail account and copy the code that you have received from Chatbots Builder. Once you are done copying the code come back to the Chatbots Builder website and paste it and you are done.

Now you will get redirected to the dashboard of Chatbots Builder website. Here you have to click on the “Start the Authorization Process” button.

ChatbotsBuilder Start Using

Once you click on the button, a new tab will open which will ask you to “Login With Facebook.” So simply click on that button and you are good to go.

ChatbotsBuilder Login With Facebook

Then you have to follow all the screen instructions, and you will get done with the authorization process.

Now on the right side of your Chatbots Builder, you will get to see all the Facebook pages which are associated with your Facebook account. So click on a page for which you want the Chatbot.

ChatbotsBuilder Details

Now over here to understand better about the Chatbots Builder you can use the Video tutorials provided on the website. Or you can skip it and start building your bots directly.

ChatbotsBuilder Create This Bot

Now to build a chatbot, you have to click on Start wizard button.

After that, you have to enter a welcome message for your readers. Simply follow the guidelines mentioned on the Website.

ChatbotsBuilder Get Started Proceed

Then you have to enter some questions. However to make you understand better here is an example:

ChatbotsBuilder User Question

Then on the next page, you have to enter an answer to the question.

ChatbotsBuilder Text Of This Reply

After that, you have to upload an image from your computer.

ChatbotsBuilder An Image

On the next page, you have to enter the URL of your website and add an anchor text.

ChatbotsBuilder External Link

Now the chatbot is ready to use. However, you can still try out a few more features. To try out the additional features, you have to click on the Proceed button. Then you will get some other features which you can try to make your chatbot more user-friendly.

However, there is a thing to remember that the Chatbots Builder website only allows you to create a single chatbot for a single account. Just in case if you want to manage multiple chatbots from a single account. Then it is advisable to try out the premium plans. The premium plans are divided into 4 categories which come with some features, that includes unlimited replies for your chatbots. You can also access the templates and so on.

Also before making the chatbot, it is advisable to check out the video tutorials as it will give you an idea of the whole process.

So that was all about the how to make a chatbot for Facebook messenger using the Chatbots Builder. Just in case if you have any questions you can comment below, and we will surely help you out.

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