Check How Fast You Can Tweet [Twitter Tool]

If you increase your typing speed, you can automatically save time and improve productivity.

Tweeting faster also helps you in several ways. So I thought of sharing a tool (Fast 140) which will help to tweet faster. It displays your score at the end, like how many words you have typed per minute. You can also check your overall rank.

Fast 140

Fast140 is a simple web application. It won’t ask your twitter username and password. It functions using oAuth method.

Simply click on ‘Test Your Typing Speed’ button and it will authorize your twitter account. Now a random tweet displays and then start typing.. πŸ™‚

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18 thoughts on “Check How Fast You Can Tweet [Twitter Tool]”

  1. Nice took to check typing speed, but it is just 140 characters anyway, and most of it is already taken up by the sort url and the RT… so ultimately there is nothing much left to tweet anyway πŸ˜›

    good to see the site list the names of top speedy tweeters… however, i just don’t like the auth part that keeps me away from such application sites…

  2. It’s good to see an interesting article about Twitter plus social networking every now and again. Nice one, ta for an excellent read!

  3. Not sure if anybody would be tweeting at that pace anyhow. I mean, what do we achieve by that. Twitter (or 140 char usage) is not like IM or chat. Moreover, there is limited number of APIs available per hour/min and hence becoming the fastest wouldn’t help.

    Good for fun though.

  4. Great tool buddy! Gonna try it now. After use will let you know about it. Many thanks for good post..


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