5 Essential Health Tips For Professional Bloggers

According to few people, Bloggers and Writers are the most fortunate people because they have the luxury to work from anywhere in the world. Few include it in the list of the most fantastic jobs in the world. But it can be a very lonely at times.

Sitting in front of a Computer while the whole world is enjoying the Sunny Day of the Winter. You are typing your next list that will go viral while others are having the best time of their lives. Don’t worry you are not alone.


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Staying in front of your PC and keep working all the time can bring serious troubles in the health department of your life. High time you take control of it and do something about it. Being there in the similar situation I know it’s tough to do it, but I did it, and if I did it, you could do it too.

Health Tips For Professional Bloggers

Check out the five things you can do live a healthy life.

Health Tips For Professional Bloggers

1. Stick To A Schedule

Bloggers (or whatever you call yourself) can work from anywhere†anytime, but everything requires a discipline, a fixed time, maybe in the day or at night. You don’t have to stick to it religiously but having a fixed time trains your mind to get into the work mode.

And there should be a place you can call a Workplace. Even I love working from my comfortable Sofa or the Bed. I still do every once in a while, but I have a home office where I get most of my work done. Though, You don’t need a dedicated home office if there is no extra room in the house. Just get a set of decent headphones and fire up Noisli in your browser and you are good to go.

Setting a fixed time and place helps you in balancing your life and enjoy the time when you are away from PC. This will make you happy and content which has its own health benefits.

2. Change Your Eating Habits

Your body is the outcome of the kind of food you put in it. You will have to understand that food plays a significant role in your health. (Most) bloggers are the people who spend a majority of their time in front of a PC or Mobile. Which means our body does not move a lot during the entire day.

Carbohydrates (or Carbs) in the food provides us energy. Choose the food which has fewer Carbs, less Fat and has a good amount of protein. This means you should avoid oily food, junk food (pizza, samosa, patties, etc.) and try adding fruits, milk, eggs, green vegetables, oats, etc. to your diet.

You can always do a Google search for your food to find the calories and in which form these calories are coming, Fats, Carbs, or Protein. Simply Google ‘calories in xxx’ (where xxx is the food you want to eat).

3. Add Exercise To Your Daily Routine

Not asking you to join a GYM, although it would be great if you can, but I know how busy a blogger is, being a blogger myself. There was a time when I used to take me days to even go out; I used to be in front of my PC all the time just to finish another article to post.

And my body was suffering as a result of this. I thought I was productive, but I was wrong. I felt tired all the time, and I used to keep filling up my time on unnecessary things because I wasnít feeling fresh to start working on another idea. And ever since I started exercising, I feel active all the time, even after the Lunch (1 PM to 4P M). I get proper sleep. Start with the 7 Minute Exercise. I bet you have at least 7 Minutes for your health. You can then go ahead and do it twice a day (morning and evening).

4. Take Small Breaks Between Work

Several Types of research have found that we can focus on something for a limited period of time. Okay, screw the research, I tell you my own experience. I try doing one task at a time and as soon as the task is done, I get up from my desk and go out of my Home Office, play with my 3-year-old Son.

What you can do is go to the other room, go to the balcony, get one of those stress balls and play with it for a while. The Idea is to get up from your desk for a few minutes (1 to 5) So that you feel recharged before you take on the next task, and you don’t get overwhelmed with your work.

The Pomodoro Technique is very useful in doing tasks in small but effective time blocks of 25 minutes, followed by a break of 5 minutes before starting another 25-minute block. You don’t have to stick to 25 minutes you can work for a longer time or take a longer break. I use this Strict Workflow Chrome Extension. It lets me stay focussed on one task for as long as an hour, also blocks a few time wasting websites (Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) in the Strict Workflow mode and you cannot even edit the list of blocked websites during that period.

5. Automate Your Work

Now, almost every blogger knows about the tools that help automate the work. Such as Buffer (or Hootsuite), that lets Automate posting on Social Media sites at once. I add links to it to schedule them to post on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. The Paid accounts let you do more.

I’ve created a template for images I use on my blog so that itís easy to create the next featured image for my post. I use Google Docs to write my posts and post ideas. I start them on my phone (most of them started when I was away from my desk) then I continue the posts on my Laptop.

Write posts in batches, itís easy to write more posts at once and also takes less time. If you normally write one 500 word post in an hour, you will end up writing two 500 word posts in 1.5 hours. This is because you start getting more ideas when you are writing your first post. I got five more ideas to write a post about while I was writing this post in Google Docs from my Tablet PC while waiting for my Coffee in a local Cafe.


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So, Automation is the key to getting more done in less time, leaving you with enough time for yourself to take care of other things in life that matter, and not just your health.

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  1. Asif,

    I have been searching for an app that can automate social propaganda. Because of your health article for bloggers, found Hootsuite.Thanks Asif. 🙂

  2. Yes I am doing lot mistakes while blogging. From now on wards I’ll try to follow above tips. Really bloggers forgetting about their health while doing work. Very nice article Asif.

  3. Hii Asif,

    This is really a Great article. According to me, all these essential health tips must be followed by every Blogger.

    I am missing the 4th point “Take Small Breaks Between Work” in my work routine. so i will apply it soon and hope for the best. thanks !!

  4. Great blog post. Everyone loves what you guys are up too. This type of clever work and coverage! Keep up the fantastic works Health Tips .
    Enjoyed every bit of your article.

    Helpful post-Asif Ahmed Really thank you!

  5. Most of the bloggers are not taking care of their health as they work round the clock in unusual timings. I too did this great mistake.

    It is essential to do Meditation/Yoga and take regular break to perform better. I do yoga daily for an hour and it helps me to focus on my works.

    Thanks for the helpful post.


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