European Space Agency (ESA) Website Hacked!

A hacker reportedly compromised ESA, opening up sensitive project logs and exposing hundreds of email addresses and passwords associated with some of Europe’s top science institutes.

The European Space Agency (ESA), an intergovernmental organization dedicated to the exploration of space, was hacked yesterday which revealed sensitive project logs and other confidential details.

The hacker was also able to access the agency’s space projects which includes satellite activities, calibration sources and environmental details.

The hacker reportedly known by the alias TinKode, provided full disclosure on his site.


The European Space Agency (ESA) currently has 18 member states. Headquartered in Paris, ESA has a staff of more than 2,000 with an annual budget of about €3.99 billion / $5.65 billion US dollars (2011). ESA was established in 1975.

In his blog, he displayed the preview of Root accounts, Emails, FTPs, etc.

9 thoughts on “European Space Agency (ESA) Website Hacked!”

  1. Might a smart hacker. He might have used some kind of java script injections or something. Smart peoples. I think for displaying all that stuff, now he is behind the bars. Even i have to try how that works. 😀

  2. lol awesome 😀
    i hope they leak some space footage onto the internet as well 😀

    jokes apart, what a shame
    a big organization can't even protect its private data

  3. Hi..
    This article first reminds us that none of the websites are safe. The method used for hacking such a important website is not revealed till now. The heavy loss that happened due to hacking is, the list of 13 FTP accounts, email address and in fact the passwords of the administrator have been leaked out. This gives the website holder a lesson that they should be more conscious and alert about their security and network settings.

  4. Seems like people just only have time to hack stuff these days..I hope they find the info before its too late..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  5. This goes to show you that no one is safe. It is important to spend the time and effort to ensure the security of a network, and that everyone using the network follows strict security practices.


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