7 Vital Features Of An Effective Social Media Campaign

Social media campaigns are about creating experiences; memorable, rich and engaging experiences. Social Media campaigns are about finding the right mix of tools, the right media and the right stories to tell. Stories can be told in many ways, only a few remain in people’s minds. The following are features of an effective social media campaign.

Social Media Marketing

1. Simple Execution and Easy Comprehension

To make a good impression to the right audience and in the shortest time, campaigns should be as simple as possible. Simple concepts can be made to look complex and complex ideas made to look simple. The idea is to make the final product simple to comprehend, though the concept and execution may be complex. The audience is subconsciously about if the campaign is easily understood or not. If it is not, then the whole exercise is a waste.

2. Be unique and stand out

Though there is a lot of noise out there, people have developed their own way of separating the noise from the signal. The only way of standing out is to become familiar with the noise out there. Listen to the critics, listen to the demands, study the trends and figure out what people like and dislike. The bottom line is to be a good consumer and a good listener first. Then you will be able to know how good or bad your concept is.

3. Be lean and mean, short and sweet

It is fact that time is a limited commodity these days. With all the activities going on around, many people don’t have a very long attention span. With a short attention span, we must communicate a lot, which is no easy task. The answer is to be very short and sweet. Get to the point, with minimal distractions.

4. Brand cohesiveness

Many social media campaigns have failed due to lack of brand cohesiveness. While our efforts should be directed towards creating a great engaging and interactive campaign, there is no point of being funny if people won’t remember your brand. The idea is to be entertaining and funny as possible while at the same time fixing your brand in people’s subconscious minds. The challenge is creating a campaign that does not get too entertaining or too promotional. Successful campaigns are those that can find the right mix.

5. Emotions speak volumes

People are emotional beings and what registers in our minds most are emotions. We like to cry, we like to laugh and we love to be inspired. Unless a campaign, be it a series of events, pictures or videos, capture some emotion, there is little chance that it will stay in people’s minds. A detailed study of your brand, its perceived values and associated emotions can offer clues about what may work best in a campaign.

6. Prompt for Action

Let’s assume you have a campaign ready with all the ingredients. Let’s also assume that people like it. Then what next? If it is a viral message or funny video, people may share it. But is that enough? The answer depends on your overall strategy. Do you have a page where people can register? Every campaign should have a funnel mechanism which will trigger people to action.

This article is written by Charles Mburugu. He is a professional content developer and an entrepreneur.

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  1. I agree Brand Adhesiveness adds up to the benefits availed through social media marketing campaign

  2. I love to be unqiue, because uniqueness will get lot of advantages for your website.
    Nice Post,Cheers!

  3. As far as I guess this is very hard and good idea to find the need of people that what they need and whats really going on..

    only a way to track and make things better.

  4. Right now we are thinking of starting a social media campaign, especially on Facebook.

    So, i just want to thank you for the guidelines you talked about in this post.

    Warm wishes,

  5. All are nice and valuable guidelines specially ……. the third one to be lean and mean ….. of course!…… most of the fast net surfers have no extra time to stay there for a long time.

  6. Hi Kimathic,

    One thing I want to add here, If you’re selling something then don’t frequently ask your followers to buy/purchase your product. It may sound like that you only pushing them to buy your product and they may unfollow you. Instead tell about positive thing about your product and new features, if they like it then they certainly like to buy your product automatically.

  7. First of all, i would like to say thanks for Charles for given valuable article on here. And, it’s one of the best place to share your own ideas, stories, articles on here:-)

  8. On the topic of “brand cohesiveness”, I’m in constant amazement of how many companies/personalities use different logos on their website/facebook/twitter/etc.
    It seems like such an obvious thing to keep your logo constant from one medium to the next, and yet so few people do this.

    That’s all… just something to think about.

  9. It’s necessary to give out the best cachy unique line you got in the 140 chars when promoting something.

    • yes you are right one cachy line can make your promotion Successful..it got t be simple and unique so that readers can be attracted..


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