5 General Tips To Create A Good Blog Post

Good Blog PostOk, let’s admit it. We all want our blogs to be read, be it for marketing purposes, the generation of advertising revenue or simply to be heard (or rather, read) in the World Wide Web!

If we had intended to keep our knowledge to ourselves or our thoughts private, we would not have even started blogging in the first place, right? We would have written all our tips and thoughts in a diary instead.

So how do we write a great blog post that captures a reader’s attention, and make him or her wants to come back for more? Here are 5 tips that you could apply:

#1 – Have A Catchy & Interesting Title

  • Think of a title that is captivating enough to induce the curiosity of the reader, making him/her want to read further to find out more. Which post would you prefer to read: “Nail that job in 5 ways!” or “Preparation tips for an interview”?
  • Include search terms in your blog title so that anyone Googling for information would be able to find your post.

#2 – Provide Links & Tag Your Posts

  • Readers want information in an easy way, so they’d be grateful if they can get more information from your posts without having to look far. Do this by linking keywords to sites where they can read up more on the topic. You can also link your posts back to any of your older ones if they are related.
  • Tag your posts according to their respective categories. This allows the readers to find them easily especially if they would like to read more on the same theme or genre.

#3 – Write Short Sentences In Point Form

  • You don’t want your readers to get cock-eyed! It is definitely much easier on the eye reading text written in point form compared to paragraphs and paragraphs of words. Most people do not spend a long time on each site and once they are bored or tired, they’d move on to another site. Besides, there are probably various other sites offering similar information. I myself would skip to another site if you’ve given me lines and lines of information to read!
  • KISS, by keeping it short and simple. Go straight to the point delivering what you want to say. There is no need to impress the reader with bombastic jargon for the average reader out there is most likely to be an average Joe who is a layman in the field.

#4 – Talk To Your Audience

  • Write as though you are talking to your readers. Don’t write in a too formal way. Not only it can get boring, we don’t want to feel as though we are reading some notes that our lecturer gave.
  • Give your post a personal touch by often referring to yourself and giving personal opinions and experiences. They want to hear you, be it your reviews of a product, your disagreements on a topic or how you think your tips can help them. Blogs are, after all, supposed to be a personal log. The readers would want to feel as though they can connect with you.

#5. Check For Grammatical & Spelling Errors

  • If the post I’m reading contains grammatical and spelling errors, I’d start wondering if the writer is reliable in providing me information. It would seem dodgy. It doesn’t leave a good impression on the blogger and readers might start to doubt his credibility, as well as be potentially confused with the message that is being tried to convey.
  • If you are using WordPress, use the built-in spell checker or use a reliable spell checker plugin. This way, grammatical and spelling errors are highlighted. Make an effort on this. After all, would you date a person who couldn’t be bothered about his/her appearance and left the house in a shoddy manner?

Of course, the core of a post would still be its contents but if the little things were not paid attention to, all the great contents in the world wouldn’t entice your reader to even read, and definitely not come back for more.

19 thoughts on “5 General Tips To Create A Good Blog Post”

  1. Write as if your reader is sitting next to you and wants to get information about the title you wrote, in this way you can format everything easily. don’t say point 2 before point 1, structure well and your blog post will look killer.

    • Hi mate, you can use After The Deadline plugin. This is an awesome stuff for blogger :-P. I have ever covered about and still using it now.

  2. Yes, I agree with your points. The one I find the most helpful is putting things in bullet points. I don't thin they even need to be complete sentences though. Just a simple phrase would do.

  3. Hi Jasmine,
    I think the point about short paragraphs and bullet points is the most important. (After the title).
    Nobody wants to read War and Peace.
    Make it short and to the point and engage your readers.
    As you do.

  4. Nice tips Jasmine, it will surely help in improving my blog posts.

    Adding numbers to the title like ‘5 ways’ ’10 tips’ etc will draw more attraction from the readers.

  5. NIce.. post… really these steps to be followed to create a post in blog… sure ill make effort in these steps from Next time… thanks for sharing…


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