What Do You Think About Blogging? [Myths & Facts]

Dish looks very sweet and tasty when placed in the container, but without tasting it you cannot tell whether it is really sweet and tasty. The same fact applies to Blogging; it is not as easy as it looks from outside, but in reality it needs lot of consistent work and of course patience.

I am blogging from last 6 months, I know I am in early stages of blogging, so it feels quite easy to manage and practice blogging. But as the time passes it brings many new changes and it forces you to change yourself and change your blog too. I mean to say, wants you to be “DYNAMIC”.

Blogging Facts

For the time, I am going to talk about basic myths & facts that will help you to clear some doubts about blogging.

#1 – Writing By Your Own Wish

You might be thinking what’s wrong in that. But the truth is that writing anything in your blog is fine in initial stages, but once you have moved far away with your blog, you need to be more focused and concentrated on the theme of your blog.

Freedom of shouting is treasure in blogging, but if you wish to receive consistent traffic then you need to stick to your niche, diverting from your niche will lead to distraction in the stream of traffic.

#2 – Blogging = Money Making

Most of people (from which most of them are students like me) asks me, “I also want to make money through blogging, how I can make money?” I always say to them why you don’t ask “I also want to do blogging, how to do blogging?”

Most of the students see other bloggers making loads of money through blogging but they don’t try to find the real story behind this interface of money making.

Final saying is “BLOGGING IS NOT AN ATM MACHINE, IN WHICH YOU DEPOSITED SOME ARTICLES AND WITHDRAW MONEY OUT OF IT”. Blogging demands working whole day and night, even passing sleepless nights too. Think twice before you start blogging.

#3 – Killer Content Means Popular Blog

The above statement is correct but not 100%. If you are writing killer content, but what if you are not spreading it to others, I mean without popularizing your content your blog cannot become king.

Don’t just sit there and expect people to find you on their own, because there are many fishes in the sea. Once people come to know about your awesome writing style they will surely love to come back at your site.

#4 – Blogging Means Writing Only

Blogging doesn’t mean that you are just writing articles, because there are many things about which you can blog about. You might have noticed that there are many other blogs that shout through pictures and videos.

Main motive of blogging is sharing. It doesn’t matter how you are sharing your knowledge and content with people. But the thing which matters is the way of presentation that must be decent and good looking.

#5 – Consistent Content Posting

Every blogger has made his mind that blogging means daily writing an article is the prime rule of blogging, but then again it’s the quality that counts not the quantity.

Writing a large number of articles daily is better that writing a single article which kills all the other articles. But this doesn’t mean breaking the chain of consistent blogging. It’s a good practice to maintain regular interval of content posting.

#6 – Negative Comments = Quit blogging

Blogging is the job of consistent positive work and patience. If you are targeting to reach high phases, then you need to pass through a lots of harsh phases too. If you are blogging, there is possibility of both positive and negative opinions on your content. Its all about how you are treating the negative opinion, don’t take it personally and understand it positively.

While writing, if you have made some mistake, first of all it’s your duty to proofread your article twice, still you didn’t find out any problem, but the reader found some wrong information and point you out via comment, don’t go out of our mind. Say sorry to your reader with polite nature and correct the problem as soon as possible. After all you are a human “You can make mistakes too” but motive is to “Do not repeat the same mistake again”.

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13 thoughts on “What Do You Think About Blogging? [Myths & Facts]”

  1. for beginners blogging is all about making money, but after sometime they will realize that it not about making money, it about sharing something about your favorite topic

  2. I blog because i love to… You can earn money through blogging, but I have taken this as a pleasure & hobby….

  3. Many people think that blogging means money. Many friends asked me “Hai friend, I started a blog, but why I didn’t get any money”.

    Many people think that once we build a blog then money will come in autopilot. They do not know that getting success with your blog will take years and need continuous hard work.


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