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9 Blogging Lessons We Can Learn From Professional Wrestling


Pro Wrestling and Blogging are two fields which do not seem like having too many similarities. One is physical and one is completely virtual (based on internet).

But when we take a close look, pro wrestling can teach us a lot about blogging as well as life.

In this post, I have discussed 9 Blogging Lessons That We Can Learn From Professional Blogging.
Professional Wrestling

  1. Script Everything: Everything in pro wrestling is scripted. Every dialog, punch, kick and slam is pre-scripted. What does it teach us about blogging? Well, just like shows are scripted, you have to script your posts. Every post should be planned and have a specific purpose just like every dialog and punch has in wrestling storylines. Use editorial calendars to plan everything in advance and the present the best content to your readers.
  2. Unexpected Things Happen: No matter how much scripting goes in, unexpected things can and will happen. Many times, you will find errors popping out without any reason. I recently had a similar experience when my blog was hacked on Cyber Monday. I had written an affiliate post to promote HostGator affiliate sale but because the blog was down, the promotion did not go very well for me!
  3. Show Must Go On: No matter what happens, the show must go on. Wrestlers show this everyday. No matter how badly a wrestler gets injured, he will try to keep the fight going on. A recent example was Randy Orton’s injury. The guy dislocated his soldier in middle of a match but did not return back and provided an ending to the match. Similarly, no matter what unplanned comes in between, you have to keep blogging to reach the success!
  4. Presentation Matters: One thing that no one can deny is that presentation matters a lot. Wrestling companies spend lot of money on unique entrances and theme songs. Why do they do this while their business is wrestling? Because the right theme song can lift the crowd and encourage them within seconds. Want to see a proof? Just see any entrance of WWE Legend Brat Hart or Shawn Michaels. Similarly, you should present your article well. Choose a unique design and add great images to your posts to make them look good.
  5. Entrance Sets The Mood: Entrance of a wrestler sets the mood for the match. If wrestler is a popular one and has good theme song, crowd will be instantly energized and will give good response to the match. Similarly, if the entrance of your article is great i.e. the headline is eye catching and first paragraph is interesting, it sets the mood of reader and your article will surely get more comments or shares.
  6. Age Does Not Matter: On a light note, we can easily see that age does not matter in both wrestling as well as blogging. We have 60+ year old wrestlers in TNA who are still fighting and similarly, we have lot of great bloggers in blogosphere too. But it does not mean that young ones are left. Lot of teen bloggers are invading the blogosphere these days and in wrestling too, we are seeing many new young entrants.
  7. Shortcuts Do Not Work: One thing we can definitely learn from the demise of wrestlers who took drugs is that shortcuts do not work. If you take a shortcut, you will have to pay sooner or later. In blogging, if you take the shortcuts like black hat SEO, you will have to pay when Google and others find it!
  8. Everyone Is Not Popular: For every Shawn Michaels and John Cena, we have hundreds of backyard wrestlers who could not make it to the big leagues and remained anonymous. In blogging, we have several thousand failed bloggers for every Darren Rowse and John Chow. But…
  9. Never Stop The Hard Work: No matter how many people fail, we will still continue the hard work. Nothing can stop the people who have a dream in their eyes to wrestle in front of millions of people or becoming a ProBlogger. That’s what keep thousands of people going and that is the spirit and passion which fuels every blogger.

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What did you learn from Pro Wrestling? Do share your thoughts in comments.


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