Blockchain: The Complete STO PR Guide

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have featured in the mainstream media for several years now. Despite this exposure, a recent survey by the UK bank HSBC revealed that 80% of the public still don’t understand how the technology works, which is why specialist STO PR and blockchain marketing agencies have sprung up across the globe. 

The tech itself is simple – cryptocurrency is an online form of money and blockchain is the technology behind it. How do you convey that simplicity to the public? Let’s find out.  

Blockchain The Complete STO PR Guide

Know the Basics: Don’t Confuse Cryptocurrency and Blockchain  

If you ever read an article about cryptocurrency, it’s likely that you’ll come across the phrase “blockchain” in the same piece. As both terms are used so commonly alongside each other, it’s understandable why an untrained eye may become confused. 

Cryptocurrency is essentially digital money. Its value is purely determined by the number of people that buy it. The more that do, the higher the value of the currency. There are currently over 2,000 cryptocurrencies on the market but only 180 are recognised by the United Nations as legal tender.  

Blockchain, the encryption technology behind every cryptocurrency, is a list of encrypted data that includes transaction and timestamp data. It’s designed so that every transaction is verified, helping to reduce the risk of fraud. 

Any blog post or press release you write on either of these topics should never confuse the two.  

Tokens and Coins – What’s the Difference? 

Not all cryptocurrencies use the same currency – some use tokens and some use coins.  

Coins are the digital equivalent of money. They work in much the same way as a physical currency in the sense that they can be sent, received and used to pay for goods.  

Tokens, on the other hand, are digital assets that are commonly used inside their own ecosystem to pay for items or services. While coins can gain value much in the same way as normal currency, tokens act as a digital asset that can give the owner access to a project’s functionality.  

One final thing to take into consideration is that you can buy a token with a coin but not vice versa. 

Make sure the copy on your website clearly defines what it’s your selling – coins or tokens – so not to confuse the reader.  


Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) involves fundraising on an exchange’s private platform. Users can buy tokens using funds from their personal exchange wallet.  

Most ICO PR blitzes are aimed at large pools of retail investors to help encourage a public crowd sale. You can achieve success with most ICO campaigns by using community marketing tactics such as running a bounty campaign or advertising across social media channels.   

Security Token Offerings (STO) are similar in the sense that an investor can exchange their own money for tokens that represent their investment in a product or service. Unlike ICOs, STOs give tokens that are classed as securities, which means they’re linked to an underlying investment such as an asset or bond. 

If you’re planning on conducting an STO PR campaign, you should be aware that STOs are not always allowed to work alongside retail investors because of regulatory limitations. This issue means that any campaign you run should mainly be targeted towards accredited investors. 

These investors are usually well educated in several finance topics and have a capital pool or income that’s higher than the average investor.  

If you’re not sure how to plan your campaign, it might be a good idea to consult experienced STO PR professionals who can walk you through this process. 

Advertise Your Compliance 

If you wish to attract serious STO investors, your website should clearly set out its legal compliance. A viewer should be able to access and download the necessary documentation on a page on your website dedicated solely to this topic. 

Create a Content Strategy 

Blog posts help to give a voice to any company. A separate blog section on your website should be used to highlight your depth of knowledge while also helping to educate the reader.  

Having such a section will not only help to convince investors you know what you’re talking about but also boost your company’s SEO ranking.  

Target Media Outlets 

Send press releases and well-written articles to finance/business publications on a regular basis. These publications are often read by entrepreneurs who are more likely to invest in blockchain technology. 

You should also target cryptocurrency platforms and technology publications such as Wired or Mashable. Having your company’s name featured on such sites will help to build brand trust. 

Once your company has featured on any of these types of sites, publicise it in a section on your website’s home page.  

Get Active on Social Media 

The only organic way to grow your social media channels is to engage with other users. Give your expert opinion on industry news, answer any customer questions and generally spread a positive message.  

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