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Avoid Facebook Using Your Name & Photo On Ads


In a social world where we think that we have the freedom to express just everything over the Internet but unfortunately or fortunately it isn’t like that as there are some privacy policies in place which clearly mentions what to share and what not to over a piece of Internet. So, for all those who are not aware of what are the things which need to be shared and what not, we will guide you and tell you on what are the things you can share. For easy example we can see that Facebook uses the photos in the Facebook’s social ads which will appear on the profile page of your contacts and this type of practice by Facebook can’t be stopped or challenged with anywhere as because this thing is mentioned in the agreement which is mentioned in the privacy policy very clearly.

But in the meanwhile if you don’t wish to allow the Facebook to use the photos as well as the photographs which are updated in the Facebook then all you need to do is to just simply follow the steps which are mentioned here so as to completely stop from using your name or even the profile photos in the Facebook Social Ads which Facebook updates very frequently in the servers due to which the mutual friends or the friends of friends see that promotional ad consisting of our profile page photo.

If you wish to get away with this then all you need to do is to simply go to your profile page, go to your Account Settings.

facebook settings dropdown

Then in the Settings page, go to the last tab i.e. the Facebook ads section where you can check the settings for the Facebook Ads that are displayed in your network.

After selecting the options as mentioned above, you will be prompted to enter the choice of preference like, you will be prompted like, “Allow adverts on platform pages to show my information to” “No one” or to “only my friends”. So, simply select the preference like “No One” so that your ads are shown nowhere. Also, most importantly make sure that after choosing the appropriate option you will have to click on the “Save changes” option tab to save the changes. Below screenshot shows how you can stop the 3rd party ads from using your information i.e. the name and picture.

There is also another option which will prompt you in this way, “Show my social actions in Facebook Adverts to” “No one” or to “only my friends” wherein you will have to ensure that you enter the correct information so that the Facebook adverts are completely closed or are not published. Here you can set whether to pair the social actions with ads and display that to everyone or no one.

Generally such sort of applications which make use of such ads are only the third party apps, so it’s always recommended that you don’t use too many social apps which take out the personal data and is shared in the public without any intimation. This type of prevention is the best solution for the Facebook users who wish to maintain the appropriate levels of privacy and also users will be able to keep things secured rather than promoting things in public.


Chetan Bhawani is a Dentist, and a Tech Blogger who runs a blog named Gizmo Times.

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    • Harry Sehgal

      Nice tip. I was not knowing about it before.

    • Gautam A D

      thanx a lot for dis article. already gmail is targeting ads to its users by the type of content it collects from our mails and now facebook is also doing the same. by turning off our info on ads atleast we can maximize our privacy to some extent! 🙂

    • Kavya Hari

      Yeah, i knew this information 🙂 I did it 🙂 thank you so much Chetan for given up here 🙂

    • Imran Soudagar

      Nice information. thanks for sharing.

    • Deepak Eapen

      Good tips Chetan, but I have a different take on these privacy policies – the more privacy you want on social networks, the less visible you are. And regarding social apps, they ask your permission and ask upfront whether you would like to share your info with others. So it's with your knowledge ! And besides, what critical info are we storing in our Facebook profile that's so private? name, educational details and work details? All these details turn out to be a privacy issue only when you are a VIP or a celebrity, otherwise it hardly matters ! All critical info like Payment Details are absolutely secured by FB in encrypted format, so nothing to worry about that.

      So the bottom line is that if you wish to be networked and known (unless you are a celebrity) in a social network, don't think about these privacy nonsense ! 😀

    • Vijayraj Reddy

      i have also changed the settings in my facebook profile…

    • Manish Keshav

      This is a very informative post Chetan. Especially when security became a big issue in Facebook.

    • Riya @ Couponseasy

      This is bad option if you don't want to interact with strangers, but if you really want to make huge list of friends for marketing purpose or whatever then it's a great option.

    • Anu @ New Trends

      I knew about this option and already did with my facebook profile.

    • Satish

      nice tip to use our brand name 😀 I have done this with my profile. Thanks man nice one 🙂

    • Ajith Edassery

      Just did it after seeing the same information on a FB profile… It's good to have this post though for future reference.

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