Auditing Your Social Media Promotions? Some Questions To Ask Yourself First

If your business is involved in social networks, you need an audit to help you enhance your campaigns. Auditing your social presence will enable you to make better business decisions in regards to Social Media. The following are some questions that will be helpful in your audit.

Social Media Audit


Are my profiles complete?

Ensure that all your profiles on social media are complete with relevant information. In your bio, say something about your brand. It’s about your target audience, not only about you.

Do I have special profiles for my brand?

People don’t want to know you; they want to identify your brand. You can always introduce yourself in some other way, another day. Remove your photo and instead put your logo there.

Are my profiles properly branded?

Don’t give your brand a different image by mixing everything up. Some people mix colors on their Twitter profiles, Facebook fan pages and YouTube Channels. For instance, they use a yellow background on Twitter, green background on YouTube and maybe black on their Facebook fan pages. They completely neglect their brand colors. Such a situation confuses many people and makes it hard to identify your brand. If white and green are your brand colors, use those colors in all your social profiles.

Integration Audit

Are my social media profiles integrated?

Can you share your Facebook feeds on LinkedIn? You could also tell your Twitter followers about what is going on in your Facebook fan page. Integrating profiles helps you build relationships, generate conversations, establish loyalty and get more followers.

Is social media integrated in my business blog?

If you own a business blog, you need to integrate your social media profiles into it. Ask your blog’s audience to add you on LinkedIn, follow you on Twitter, ‘like’ you on Facebook or subscribe on your YouTube channel. There are plugins which can help you do this. This is a method I have used in my diet blog which promotes Diet to Go coupons and Bistro MD discounts.

Am I integrating my social profiles with offline marketing?

Integrating offline media can help in promoting your social media profiles. You could create a T-shirt for Facebook, one for YouTube and one for Twitter. You could have your handle printed on your Twitter T-shirt, for instance “Free coupons. Follow me @static”. Make the handle bold and big so that people can see it clearly. Wear the T-shirts to places where you can get the attention of your target audience. You could also include your social media URLs in your catalogues, on your business cards or on your flyers.

This article is written by Charles Mburugu. Currently, he is writing for a diet blog that offers DietToGo online coupons and Bistro MD coupon discount for 2011, two popular meal delivery weight loss programs.

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  3. Our brand is our representation.

    then why use other things like colors and images?

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