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Apple iPad For Blogging?


iPad BloggingWhen Apple released the iPad, it set the technology world on fire, but what about the blogging world?  I know that the iPhone has apps that allow you to blog on the go, so will the iPad be the same, or will it make blogging even better?

The answer to these questions are yes, yes, and yes.  The iPad has great potential for bloggers, and when used correctly will increase blogging efficiency.

Think about it:  if you even had a smart phone, blogging from it is a pain.  The only things you can really do efficiently are little things like replying to comments.  Even reading on it is not the best.

All the apps available on the iPhone are on the iPad.  This means that that blogging on the go will be easy with apps.  So already, the iPad is just as good as a phone.  But…

The two things that separate the iPad from a regular old phone (blogging wise) are it’s size, and it’s keyboard.

Much Bigger Screen

The huge screen on the iPad allows for easy viewing.  Read that hot article, in a screen bigger than some laptops, make a design tweak, and check it out in Safari; all this things and more you can do with your iPad because of it’s big screen.

Great Virtual Keyboard

Now you can write long blog posts without straining to hit those tiny keys on your phone.  When you start to pop out blog posts on trains, in buses, and even in places like airports and malls, you will know that the iPad is a great investment.

Are You Getting an iPad?

The iPad really does increase your blogging ability on the go, allowing you to get more things done, and have more leisure time at home.  At 500 dollars plus 30 dollars a month (in the US), the iPad is a pretty big investment, but it is a worthwhile one.


Jake is a 14 year old blogger, webmaster, and fellow tech geek. He blogs at Web Journey, a blog that shares tips and provides inspiration to aspiring bloggers and webmasters.

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    • Julie B

      So, who’s using the Ipad for blogging now? Is there a WordPress app? I’m considering getting it for on-the-go blogging; just not sure it’s worth the price or if I should wait for the next gen one.

      Julie B
      Chief Mom

    • Iphone 4 Jailbreak

      frankly speaking , ipad is not for blogging , but if you spend 3000 extra bucks , get a wireles kb from apple , and use it with ipad …. i think its economical too … instead of getting a laptop / macbook

    • Directory Sieve

      i don’t really think its going to be easy to type, and adding another keyboard and then dragging that keyboard where ever you go… kinda too much of work really! i already carry my laptop around the house and the wireless internet connection goes throughout… making another $500 investment which will likely increase my work rather than making it easy, is something i won’t go for…

    • Tini | Inzone Internet

      OMG drool. Usually I would write my thoughts on paper until I get at home. I must have this but it is pricey.

    • Kerelly

      For bloggers like who hit the keyboard too hard even a laptop could be a difficult thing to handle. And such a delicate thing in my hands is surely not a good option for me.

    • Tech Sputter

      no resting place after typing….i guess……?????

    • TechChunks

      I would have loved to try blogging right from an iPad. But I’m afraid I will have to wait until Apple brings down their price to a more reasonable level. 🙁

    • Online Martial Arts

      yeh, it has much friendly feature…………….with blogging

    • Rohit Sane

      Not interested in iPad at this particular point of time…Now concentrating on saving money for the Macbook Pro..

      Offtopic: You can participate in the contest on my blog:

    • hariyanto blog

      could you tell me the price??? coz i think i need to get one.

    • Rajeel

      Heard that it’s hard to type on it’s virtual keyboard than in normal one. So i think it’s better ti buy a notebook or netbook which is cheap and easier than it..

    • Samuel

      Thanks for d info…sounds good i think i need to get one!!

    • Virtual assistant

      I am definitely going to start looking into making the smart investment for the it seeming from the article shall keep me more microblogginf frendly…..finger crossed…

    • GDI Blog

      most of all i like his virtual keyboard 🙂

    • Sourish

      writing on touch screen devices is a little tricky then in a keyboard . I use nokia 5800 , and i still miss my nokia n72 🙁

    • Sourish

      i dont like ipad is for blogging , a recent video in youtube says that its not as easy to type in an ipad than a keyboard. Its better to get a netbook than an ipad , if you want potability and easy to carry.

    • Vivek Krishnan

      The Apple ipad can really help you in saving time and improve your efficiency. Blogging when you are on the road is really awesome.

    • Share Text

      Ahh great article! It seems as if the iPad would be great for blogging since it is pretty hard for me to keep up with all my blogs with my Blackberry. I am definitely going to start looking into making the smart investment for the iPad.

    • Franklin Manuel

      I strongly disagree, iPad wont help us to blog better. Unlike a laptop or PC keyboard, iPad wont have a resting place to keep your hands while typing. So making a blog post on iPad really pains (especially for long post). Even if you use your lap as a resting place, you wont feel comfortable.

      • Jake

        I have to disagree. Typing isn't as easy as it is for a laptop, but I find that once you get used to it, you can type pretty fast and comfortably.

        Additionally, you can purchase a keyboard separably so it can be very similar to typing on a laptop.

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