Apple iPad For Blogging?

iPad BloggingWhen Apple released the iPad, it set the technology world on fire, but what about the blogging world?  I know that the iPhone has apps that allow you to blog on the go, so will the iPad be the same, or will it make blogging even better?

The answer to these questions are yes, yes, and yes.  The iPad has great potential for bloggers, and when used correctly will increase blogging efficiency.

Think about it:  if you even had a smart phone, blogging from it is a pain.  The only things you can really do efficiently are little things like replying to comments.  Even reading on it is not the best.

All the apps available on the iPhone are on the iPad.  This means that that blogging on the go will be easy with apps.  So already, the iPad is just as good as a phone.  But…

The two things that separate the iPad from a regular old phone (blogging wise) are it’s size, and it’s keyboard.

Much Bigger Screen

The huge screen on the iPad allows for easy viewing.  Read that hot article, in a screen bigger than some laptops, make a design tweak, and check it out in Safari; all this things and more you can do with your iPad because of it’s big screen.

Great Virtual Keyboard

Now you can write long blog posts without straining to hit those tiny keys on your phone.  When you start to pop out blog posts on trains, in buses, and even in places like airports and malls, you will know that the iPad is a great investment.

Are You Getting an iPad?

The iPad really does increase your blogging ability on the go, allowing you to get more things done, and have more leisure time at home.  At 500 dollars plus 30 dollars a month (in the US), the iPad is a pretty big investment, but it is a worthwhile one.