Why VPN is helpful for browsing online?

A million sites, innumerable apps, and unlimited access to the internet –the world has fast changed, and we are moving at an incredible pace with unrestricted access. But do we know that such unprecedented access is two way? When you are using public wifi and accessing all those contents, you are also allowing someone else to eavesdrop and see what you re browsing. That’s when having a VPN comes in handy.

VPN stands for Virtual private network. When one connects to VPN, data sent from their device to private network gets encapsulated, i.e., data is placed within a packet and sent which makes it harder for other parties to decrypt it. There are hundreds of VPN flourishing around the internet claiming to be the very best. But all of them would agree ExpressVPN claims the throne of the industry. Go have a look at our ExpressVPN review of 2019.

Why VPN Is Helpful For Browsing Online

Here are six reasons why VPN is essential for you to while browsing online.

Public Wifi – Free comes at a cost

The public wifi’s one uses at hotel, restaurants, and others are not safe for private browsing/mail checking, and hence it becomes straightforward even for an amateur hacker to peep into your data. Your shopping cart checkout, online transfer of money, personal preferences, etc. are happily sent to someone with/without your knowledge. It is rather recommended to get VPN that could solve this issue.

Once VPN is obtained, the connection becomes secure, and your messages get encrypted, and it gets difficult to decipher for searching eyes. If you are a macOS user then make sure you pick the best VPN for Mac to stay protected and secure.

Beat Location-Based Streaming Restrictions

Are there other country apps that are restricted at your place, sites you wanted to visit but are not allowed for your location? Pretty much the time you should get VPN. VPN allows you to choose IP address from another country, make yours appear like local server also securing the data that’s transmitted.

Now sitting in India you can still use the app exclusive for the UK, access movies meant for different citizens and to enjoy your time.

Avoid Location-Based Price Targeting

Search Pricing and location-based pricing are two terms customers detest. While in this context the former is not our concern, location-based pricing could be avoided using the installation of VPN.

Online sites show different prices for different countries- from accessories to gadgets you have to pay extra, same with flight tickets. Though from the perspective of business this location based pricing is explainable, customers get annoyed and are not ready to pay extra. A straightforward solution to this is to get VPN, manipulate the IP address, and switch servers until a lower price is found for a location.

Mask VOIP Phone Calls

VOIP services like Skype, WhatsApp calling, Lync, online video/audio chatting are ubiquitous these days, while having them makes one’s life comfortable, knowing that others also can others have access to yours and do easy eavesdropping does pass some shrill down nerves. It’s hence highly recommended that those who do various video/audio calling have a VPN connection established. It might involve some costs, but nothing is costlier than one’s privacy.

Don’t tell the world of your Browsing

Well, big data is like big daddy sitting next to you and watch as you browse everything. Your online searches are pinned to your computer’s IP address which is then used by business for relevant advertising to you. But no one wants their private searches, personal preferences/details, etc. to be logged and made as an algorithm to stalk you more with ads. You don’t want a random item you checked last night pop in your browser, “you might like this” while your girl is sitting next to you right? Well, get a VPN, cloak your IP address and walk like you don’t own it.

Because Privacy is second to nothing

Though the above facts state why one should choose VPN, the most important one is privacy. Get a VPN, browse encrypted and don’t worry big daddy may be sitting next to you, but this time a big wall separates you from him, and you can search/access everything without being surveilled.

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