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YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing sites. To give you an idea of how enormous this site is, over 4 billion hours of its users are spent watching videos in it. It’s no wonder Businesses are clamoring over that attention space on this platform. We simply can’t get enough of it during the day, before we go to bed and sadly even sometimes at work.

How many times have you seen a video on YouTube reaching viral status being broadcasted outside of the platform? What I mean are those reports on the news about a current YouTube hit making it in the airwaves to reach television, radio and the newspapers stands. That’s unmatched free advertising right there, which no one else can compete with. In addition, the platform is an excellent referral site being dubbed by some as the third or second most used search engine if we treat it as such. With its current and growing popularity, here are some strategies on how to market your business videos on YouTube.

Engage and Be Part of the Community

With its effectiveness in showing us what we want to watch, it’s easy to forget that YouTube is actually a community. Comment away and leave your mark on every video that has begotten your attention. Spread your name around, because it sorts of acts as a backlink towards your own videos. Reply to top comments to amplify this strategy.

Direct Your Viewers to Your Website

The best business videos hardly advertise. What they are good at is compelling viewers to be visitors into their site. With that in mind, make sure to leave your site’s link is displayed in every video you upload. You can either use the description space at the bottom of the video or add an annotation on each one.

This is what experts have to say, “Your landing page should do the selling, and your video just needs to attract those you want to sell to”.

Equipment Is Not Going To Be a Problem

This factor is why Small Businesses should take advantage of the YouTube platform. You see, setting aside budget for video production meant for YouTube doesn’t need to be expensive. Remember that people rarely see videos in HD (high definition) in YouTube, so there is no need to get a thousand dollar camera.

Hunt for Golden Keywords

Every time you upload a video, you should treat it as you would a blog post. Remember how careful you were when researching and selecting the keywords that would be used for it. On every upload, insert keywords on both the title and the description, just like how Atlanta Video adds keywords in theirs. Don’t forget to add a full description composed of at least fifty words – preferably more. It would greatly increase visibility of your video in search and recommended videos section in YouTube.

This article is written by Bill Brown. He is a professional at Atlanta Video, Inc. Atlanta Video, Inc. has been producing broadcast programming since 1976. If you like to create video for your business, find video production in Atlanta Business Video Production.

3 thoughts on “Advertise & Market Your Business Videos On YouTube”

  1. In today’s world videos are the best way to communicate with your viewers/customers, People can access the videos on their smartphones, tablets which is growing very fast. A smart way to pass on the message or advertise your business is important as people in today’s world have less time reading, instead they have more time watching videos, which they understand better.

  2. Posting business videos on YouTube will attract a lot of people towards your business and people will come to know that you exist. This is because YouTube is a vast social media network that crores of people have daily access to. If they view your video and like it, it is surely going to be circulated with the speed of lightning.

  3. People always forget that YouTube is basically the second-largest search engine on the internet. You really need to connect with your audience here because internet users are more and more turning to video as a dominant medium online. Also there are implications for SEO since YouTube videos rank highly in normal Google search results. Anyway I could go on and on, but the bottom line is I’ll definitely be using video a lot to promote my iPad app when it’s released, in addition to the sneak preview video I already uploaded.


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