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Must Know Time Management Tips for Bloggers


bloggers time managementAs a blogger you might have often realized that you’re running short of time when pending tasks are mounting. It is, of course, difficult to strike a balance between both. The post that you really enjoy writing might take up much of your time as you spend a long time to make it better. When you half-heartedly decide it is ready to be posted, there will be other articles yet to be written and you’re almost near the deadline. If you have come across such situations often, you’ve come here just in time, as I have given some of the tried and tested ways to manage your time effectively.

Schedule and Reschedule

The first step you need to do is to schedule your tasks. The time you spend scheduling is the time that determines how successfully you’re going to manage time. However, it might not work if you don’t schedule effectively. Rather than dividing the time equally among the tasks you have, give each task the time you will need to finish it. Prioritize your tasks and complete the highly important ones first.

You might even feel sick of hearing this piece of advice everywhere and think that there must be something that you should do more than scheduling. Yes, you are right about it. You need to reschedule when needed. Things don’t happen the way we assume, they will, when we draw the schedule. There might be interruptions popping out of the blue and gulping down your time, then you will have to spend a few minutes rescheduling.

Target One at a Time

It is necessary to multitask when necessary, but if you could focus more on one task at a time, you can do it well and also save the time for other tasks. This is not the strategy for everyone, but bloggers. As a blogger, you will need solid concentration to give it your best. Therefore, keep away from other tasks when you’re Blogging in order to save time.

Trick Yourself

If you tend to procrastinate, you need to trick yourself. No, I’m not joking. This is how you can trick yourself. Allot a few minutes to do something you love after each task. It could be a cup of hot chocolate, talking to your friends, a short visit to the garden, playing with your pet, or anything that you enjoy doing. It might motivate you to finish your task soon. However, you need to remember that the clock is ticking and you have to resume work soon.

Change Patterns

If you have the habit of following the same schedule, but find that it doesn’t work, you need to change the pattern. It is important to prioritize tasks and stick to the list, but there must be something you could do to change the pattern. After following the same pattern of work for a long time, you might find that monotony has crept in. Therefore, try changing the way you work to keep yourself active and set yourself new challenges to keep yourself busy.


It is important to keep things organized. Talking about organizing, many people apply it only to their desk. Having an organized desk doesn’t help much when you have a cluttered computer and Inbox. Delete unnecessary files and push the files you don’t need often, to a storage device or to some location away from your view.

Social Networking

Often, social networking is what swallows your time before you realize it. There should be an optimal amount of social networking in a blogger’s schedule in order to keep up with the trends and learn from others. However, you need to know when it’s time to log out. Log out of all the social networking sites when you’re working or if it’s necessary to be available online, you could set the Do Not Disturb status and focus on work.

You can easily save time by following these strategies and be an organized and successful blogger. Always be conscious of what you’re doing and keep asking yourself whether you should be doing it or whether you’ve exceeded the time limit. A task well planned is a task half done!

This article is written by Mark Dwayne. He works for Buy Time Warner Cable, a site that offers savings and current information on time warner cable.


Mark Dwayne is a freelance content writer by profession. Gadgets and Internet technology are his topics of interest and he finds immense pleasure in writing article on Internet technology.

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    • Ashish Gill

      Fabulous time management tips for blogging sir. It really gets bogged down while writing on a stretch. I’ll start following these tips now to make blogging more interesting.

    • Mark

      Thank you all for your comments. This really makes me want to write more about this topic.

    • James

      Thanks for sharing this. I have really learned a lot. Time management is very essential to a blogger. Most bloggers are freelancers which they have complete control of their time. Managing time as a blogger/freelancer is usually plague with unnecessary activity which could lead to unfinished projects.

    • David

      Time management is most necessary quality to be possessed by a blogger because he needs to work on various projects, complete them on time and move ahead with the marketing part. Blogging involves a lot of tasks other than only writing. There should be sufficient time to cover all the possible tasks.

    • sahil

      nice management tips
      newbie like me should follow this strictly

    • M. Dwayne

      You’re welcome Shorya and you are correct. We must have focus in everything we do.

    • Shorya Bist


      Very nice article with the point that one should consider.Targetting one thing at a time is the best way to achive any task diverting from one task to another makes your focus down.

      Thank You
      Shorya bist
      From Youthofest

    • Poonam

      Wow! This is a goldmine of helpful tips. The last one was a great reminder because lately I’ve been working on releasing my first e-book and have neglected my usual healthy habits.

    • rakesh @ Indiabucket

      I do blogging at the morning and takes only one task.

    • Rahul Kashyap

      thanks for sharing this informative post 🙂

    • Komal

      Hi Mark
      This is a great post…one of the better blog advice articles that I have read! I love the way the links to other posts you include are so enticing. You certainly take your own advice! =) It’s the first time in a while I’ve needed to retrace my steps a couple times to check out previous posts that were also of interest. I’m glad I am subscribed.
      Thanks for share this post.

    • mohdakthar

      Hey, it is very helpful stuff that you’ve provided to us. Time management is the most important things, not only for bloggers but also for everyone.

      Mostly people take blogging as a part time job and they give priorities to their first job and goes backward in blogging so it is better to manage time and divide time equally to each work.

      thanks 🙂 keep writing like this (Y)

    • jean

      Right timing is every thing and no doubt if we do blogging with a planing and keep in mind these shared things then we can be successful easily in blogging field. Being a newbie in blogging field your article is very helpful for me to understand the technicalities regarding time management in blogging.

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