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9 Facebook Marketing Tips That Every Socially Awkward Penguin Should Know

Last updated on 21/06/2015 by | Short URL: http://hbb.me/1QKp8aQ

One month ago, I created a Facebook Page called Minimalist Advertisements where I uploaded clever, witty & minimalist ads from all over the web. This page was dedicated to promoting minimalism in advertising through a complete web & social media hunt for renowned minimalist campaigns & obscure creative copies.

However, there was a catch. I strictly kept my posting frequency to only 1-2 posts per day yet I was surprised to realize that following such small practices as tagging my friends & having a dialogue with the page fans caused instant spike to my reach. Coupled with the relevant & engaging content I managed to get more than 500 likes in a matter of 30 days – without spending a penny. “9 Facebook Marketing Tips that every socially awkward penguin should know” details what I found along the way in the form of a unique & creative infographic, copyrights of which go to the Curious Artist.

9 FB Marketing Tips

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On November 18, 2012 by in Facebook | Short Link: http://hbb.me/1QKp8aQ  

A freelance designer & brand strategist, when I am not designing wedding invites for my friends, I spend my time trolling social media. I am majoring in Marketing from Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow. I head Creative Content & Publicity at Manfest, IIM Lucknow's Annual International Business Conclave. I am also the owner of the FB Pages: /thecuriousartist - where I create more of such stuff and /MinimalistAdvertisements - where I force people to check out the ads I like. Like other girls my age, I spend a lot of time on Pinterest(@soullesscurry) planning my ideal life.

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9 Opinions on “9 Facebook Marketing Tips That Every Socially Awkward Penguin Should Know

  1. Hi Sunila. Interesting post! I like how you wrote it with the cute penguins! Spam intelligently – i consider this important. You need to be responsible on your posts and highlight the good contents. :)

    • I liked it too. Spamming is also an art if I’m not wrong. But we have to do in a way that it’s ethical. Unethical techniques are banned now and so we should concentrate on content and promote it as much we can.

  2. Facebook marketing can be successful if you can reach out maximum people. For this you need to start carefully and responsibly. Share useful and informative stuff for your audience if they enjoy it they would automatically share it with their friends. It helps you to increase your reach. Be consistent but don’t share continuously same stuff again and again.

  3. I’m totally agree with @Aasma Facebook marketing can be surely successful but when if we can reach out maximum people.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this article. It not only gives really helpful insight, but also loved the penguins!

  5. Clarkmartin says:

    This is probably the most complete article I’ve read about ideas to start as a Facebook Marketing. thanks for share it.

  6. Audrey Soul says:


    Well no doubt marketing on facebook is an awesome method to get some better results or profit gain in easy way.


  7. I’m going on a liking spree right now! Thank you for this!

  8. That is something awesome, what i am feeling like is i just have a glance on Facebook marketing yet i know everything abut it.
    Thanks for sharing such sort of information.

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