9 Facebook Marketing Tips That Every Socially Awkward Penguin Should Know

One month ago, I created a Facebook Page called Minimalist Advertisements where I uploaded clever, witty & minimalist ads from all over the web. This page was dedicated to promoting minimalism in advertising through a complete web & social media hunt for renowned minimalist campaigns & obscure creative copies.

However, there was a catch. I strictly kept my posting frequency to only 1-2 posts per day yet I was surprised to realize that following such small practices as tagging my friends & having a dialogue with the page fans caused instant spike to my reach. Coupled with the relevant & engaging content I managed to get more than 500 likes in a matter of 30 days – without spending a penny. “9 Facebook Marketing Tips that every socially awkward penguin should know” details what I found along the way in the form of a unique & creative infographic, copyrights of which go to the Curious Artist.

9 FB Marketing Tips

5 Deadly Facebook Marketing Mistakes That Can Kill Your Business

facebook marketingWith over 900 million users on Facebook, many brands and companies are advertising more and more on Social Media. Best of all it’s free. With 350 million users spending an average of 8 hours daily on Facebook, the potential to cater to a wider audience is too tantalizing to pass off. Facebook marketing presents a whole lot of opportunities as well as some pitfalls that you, as a brand, should avoid. You do want to hold onto those loyal customers don’t you?

So here are some big don’ts of Facebook Marketing:

1. Leaving Out Company Page Information

A lot of first time visitors that peek into your brand’s Facebook Fan page are most probably looking for specific nuggets of information. They can be your product line-up, promotional deals, timings, contact info, addresses etc. These elements should never be left blank or else these first timers are going to be lost forever to your brand. Don’t leave out anything. And while you are at it, it’s best to add your Twitter and web site address to your fan page as well.

2. Spamming and Overposting

Too much is too much. And less is more. Keep those Facebook posts coming at least once a day. Too much exposure equals too much spam and you know how people feel about that. The content that you post is equally important as well. Try posting one awesome nugget every day as opposed to two decent ones. However, keep engaged with your fans every step of the way by responding to their queries and feedback continuously. This shows your fans that you care. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to tag the people you are replying to in the comments.

3. Setting Up Irrelevant Postings

This is an absolute no-brainer but you’ll be surprised at how many companies tend post things that are not related to the brand at all. Stay on-brand with your Facebook wall posts – be they deals, news or even internet memes. It helps fan engagement levels high and they get more content consistent with their interests.

4. Relying Only on Pictures and Text For Promotion

Facebook has got tons of interactive tools so why not take full advantage of them? Too much of the same thing can get real boring real fast. You can also use polls, questions, videos for that right and eclectic mix of brand promotion. Diversity keeps it interesting for your fans. As long as the content you share is in sync with your brand image and personality, congratulations, you’ve finally mastered the art of Facebook marketing inside out.

5. Not Interacting with Your Customers

You have to create an effective communication portal with your customers. Do not just post news and feeds; talk, share, interact, ask for opinions and discuss customer response. Giving customers value and importance is one of the best ways to gain their approval and recognition.