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HOW TO: Create & Manage An Event Using LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site, mostly used for professional networking.

Recently I found LinkedIn Events quite interesting and it is easy to create and manage Events here. If you are organizing an event or bloggers meet, then this could be very useful.

Below I mentioned the procedure to create and manage events.

Creating An Event – LinkedIn

#1 – Go to LinkedIn Events or Select More (Top Navbar) > Events.

#2 – Now you have to fill some details related to the event you are going to create.

Before filling click “Add More Details” which is present before the “Publish Event” button.

Linkedin Event - More Details

Now you have three sections here.

#1 – Event Details : Here you need to fill stuffs like Event Title, Date & Time, Venue Name, Address, Country, Website, Description and some more.

#2 – Event Categorization : Here you need to mention the Event Type, Industry, Keywords (Make use of it), Organization, and who should attend.

#3 – Event Organization : Here there are two questions. Answer whether you are attending and whether you are organizing this event.

After filling all the fields, click on “Preview” button. Proof read everything and now confirm and publish the event. Hurray, now the Event is created. You can get an exclusive URL for this event, you can share them on social networks.

What You Can Do After Creating An Event

#1 – Tells Your Network : By default an update will sent to your network letting them know about your event on LinkedIn.

#2 – Share With Contacts : You can also share this with your contacts. Increase awareness and attendance by sharing your event with specific contacts.

#3 – Advertise On LinkedIn : If you are ready to spend some bucks, then you can advertise on LinkedIn. You can reach potential attendees with DirectAds; targeted advertising on LinkedIn.

Managing An Event – LinkedIn

You can easily manage this event. Visit the event page using the URL, click on “Manage” tab. You can edit event information, check event history, and delete this event.

Manage Event

If we are not connected on LinkedIn, let’s get connected then!

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14 Opinions on “HOW TO: Create & Manage An Event Using LinkedIn

  1. I have been member on Linked in since last 8 month. I have not use this utility. Thanks for letting me know the event manager dude.

  2. They have added a lot of new features that I am yet to check. Since it’s a professionals’ network, it’s more to know what people whom I know are doing :) It’s definitely a great channel to fetch a job as well.

  3. I had never really taken linkedin seriously, i was too busy on facebook/twitter.. now am trying to put in that extra effort to get myself familiar with the business networking of linkedin,

    thanks for the article, will give it a try :)

  4. LinkedIn is really authentic and an established platform to many businessmen and as well as to advertisers. Earlier there has been some struggle to people how to get into and make good use of linkedIn. Now as online has got plenty of suggestion routing on various helping topics it has made everybody’s job easier. And one such good help I have found today is yours. Appreciate your generous in helping the Internet Marketing Needs! Keep up the good work!

  5. Nice i am currently using linkedin….


  6. Virtual Character says:

    Linkedin has been useful for finding professional contacts but I have not tried the events since I have not any in particular yet, lol. Anyway, thanks for sharing and I will probably be using this soon. :)

  7. i don’t have lLinkedin account… will have one soon…

  8. wordgeist says:

    this is a great tutorial

  9. Hi,

    How does one cancel an event on Linkedin? I’ve noticed there’s no ‘remove event’ or ‘cancel event’ option!

  10. This was perfect! Thanks so very much! I created an event for my free financial empowerment call tomorrow.

  11. You can edit event information, check event history, and delete this event."

    Delete it? I would really like to know how you do that!
    Can't find the information anywhere, not on LinkedIn, not anywhere else.
    Hopefully you can provide me an answer.

    Thanks in advance!

  12. Actually no, there isn't an option to do just that.
    If you've found it, please tell me!

    (or, if you don't and you have connections at LinkedIn, please ask them to fix this. It's frustrating if you can't delete an event when it's cancelled.)

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