Different Types of Online Casino Tournaments

Online casinos conduct various tournaments to bring in excitement on their platform. Usually, when you access the casino games, you will be playing against the casino. However, in tournaments, players compete against each other. 

Different Types Of Online Casino Tournaments

These tournaments generally come with lucrative rewards for the winning candidate. The money you wager here is real, and so is the cash prize! But finding a good tournament may be hard for you. Also, the casino you are playing at would not be reliable. To find it out, you can always check the latest casino reviews and evaluate the brands one by one.

Different casinos offer different types of tournaments. However, there are certain standard ones to look out for. Let’s catch up on the types and details of these tournaments below. 

Knockout Tournaments

In knockout tournaments, players go on winnings continuously by knocking out each other. Each player has a bounty on his head during the match. If you defeat one player, you win his share of the bounty. Then, you move on to contest with the next player. This continues until someone defeats you or until you are the last person standing in the tournament. 

Knockout tournaments are also known as survival matches. This tournament is always associated with the card games. Poker remains the biggest of the game used in survival matches. 

Time Limit Tournaments

As the name suggests, players have a limited time to achieve the best possible score to win the reward. The casino decides the best score by comparing the totals of all the players. 

Bet Limit Tournaments

Just like time-limit tournaments, bet limit matches come with the limitation of the bet. The highest limit is set by the casino beforehand. So, you have to play within that range and make your best score. The winner gets to take the reward home!

Buy-In Tournaments

There are no limitations of chances for entering into the Buy-in tournaments. Meaning, if you lose your first wagers into these matches, you can again re-enter the tournament by paying the entry fees. 

These contests are also known as Extended tournaments. This is obviously because the contests are extended an unlimited number of times for each player. Furthermore, when the tournament ends, any player with the highest score gets the ultimate reward. 

Sit n’ Go Tournaments

These tournaments start on specific dates as announced by the casinos. The casino waits until there are enough players to join these matches. Once that number is reached, the contest begins. The tournament goes on till there are players playing. As soon as the competition completes, the casinos declare the winners and also reward them. 

Ticket- based Tournaments

One cannot simply join the Ticket-based tournaments. Instead, the casinos send an invite to the players to be a part of these contests. So, these are usually associated with the casino’s VIP program. Moreover, you have to be on a higher level of the loyalty program for the casino to send you an invitation. Ticket-based matches generally offer enticing rewards for the winners. 

Regular Tournaments

These are some tournaments that the casino conducts on a regular basis. So, you can expect regular tournaments on a daily basis or weekly or monthly. However, these matches are specific to certain games. 

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