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WordPress 2.9.2 Released


On 5th January, WordPress released 2.9.1 version and now it’s time to upgrade. It is available for download at the official WordPress site.

Any idea why this upgrade is for?

WP 2.9.2As quoted on the WordPress blog, the previous version 2.9.1 allows logged in users to read trashed blog posts that belong to other authors. That means your personal crush to professional blueprint might be seen by your colleagues and blogging partner. That’s too risky right?

And I also came across this quote,

“Thomas Mackenzie alerted us to a problem where logged in users can peek at trashed posts belonging to other authors. If you have untrusted users signed up on your blog and sensitive posts in the trash, you should upgrade to 2.9.2.”

I recommend all my readers to upgrade quickly. It has lot of security fixes too.


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    • randy@outsource help desk

      WordPress is a content management system that was used mostly for blogs in the past few years. The popularity of WordPress comes from blogs. People moved their blogs from blog hosting services like blogspot to self hosted wordpress blogs for the features that was offered. Blogspot was not open to plugins or to third party themes. The customization is very bad and you can only post and change the basic look of your blog.

    • network designer

      WordPress is a great way to create good looking blogs with good quality.

    • TechChunks

      As we (at TechChunks.com) don’t share the login credentials with our guest bloggers, I’ve chose not to upgrade to WP 2.9.2 and actually waiting for 2.9.3!
      .-= TechChunks’s last blog…Opera 10.50 Released For Windows, Mac And Linux Version ‘Coming Soon’ =-.

      • NpXp

        So what are you expecting in the next version of the WordPress??
        .-= NpXp’s last blog…5 Best Free WordPress Themes Website =-.

    • plantar fasciitis

      Thomas Mackenzie alerted us to a problem where logged in users can peek at trashed posts belonging to other authors. If you have untrusted users signed up on your blog and sensitive posts in the trash, you should upgrade to 2.9.2. As always, you can visit the Tools->Upgrade menu to upgrade.
      .-= plantar fasciitis pain’s last blog…Orthotics for Planter Fasciitis- the most effective means to support your ankle =-.

    • Villas

      I updated my WP blog to this version yesterday. I am very much satisfied with this version.

    • Adventure Holidays

      What are the main features of this release? Is this better than the previous one?

    • Tenerife Holidays

      WordPress update are always handy but this update is useful for only those who have their registration open.

    • Marlene

      I have updated my blog to 2.9.2 yesterday. The feeds in my dashboard is working now. The feeds just didn’t show up after I upgraded to 2.91.
      .-= Marlene’s last blog…I Should Have Bought Bronte =-.

    • Blogger Affiliate

      I recently Started blogging and when I install WordPress my hosting installed 2.9.1 instead of 2.9.2.
      And I had to manually upgrade the wordpress to the latest version. though it was not tough though initially I thought of it as quite scary.

    • geek

      Thanks for letting me know….. I was curious what is new in this version.

    • Kitchenaid Artisan

      Sometimes, I feel that WP have upgrades so often that I can’t keep up anymore! But if I don’t upgrade, I don’t know what I may be missing, right? 🙁

    • chandan

      This is really very nice information for wordpress users. I have listen about this wordpress update on another blog also.

    • OMG Thats Cute

      I hope each and every wordpress update is must, because it updates the security every time.

    • sudharsan @ technoskillonline

      while updating my blog its asking to Back up Data…
      Whether its safe to upgrade or i want to back my database before upgrading ???????

      • S.Pradeep Kumar

        Back up your database before upgrading mate.! 😉

      • Hami

        dude never ever upgrade or make any changes to your server side blog installations without doing a backup.

        But for that read tutorials online, from WordPress Help and from the Pro users as well.

        Even if you think you know a lot after so much reading.. try to setup and local wordpress installations and try to import/export/etc to your that local setup 😀

      • Anish K.S

        Its safe to take Back Up, also every month take Full Back up.

    • Geek with an iPhone

      Thanks for the Update…Just updated my blog with latest 2.9.2 after taking a clean backup 🙂

    • CT Web Design

      I’ll definitely look into getting this update. I know someone who had a security issue on one of their blogs recently. A timely update.

    • Mathew Day

      Thanks for the heads up. The latest WordPress Updates are always good. They help things run smoother and takes care of the latest security issues. I’m going to go update my WP blogs now.

    • Rathnakumar

      Soon will update mine 🙂

    • Suhasini

      Well this is basically for those who have mutiple users and people who have version lower than 2.9.1 they can upload this too.

    • Theme premium

      WordPress update are always handy but this update is useful for only those who have their registration open.
      I will wait for latest WordPress 3.0 which have WordPress MU capability.

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