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Why you should attend online webinars often?


Imagine being in classes you are not interested to be in, yet forced upon to stay there because that’s how things work?  Sounds like crazy school days? Now imagine you being allowed to sit in classes you like at times you are comfortable with, for guests you want to listen to? That too without moving anywhere but just sitting at a comfortable location at your home, or laying by your usual favorite café? Sounds fancy?

Well, that’s just the analogy of how online webinars will work for you and help you learn things you always wanted to and teach stuff you want to beyond borders.

Keep this aside; if you factually want to look at how attending online webinars often will benefit you, here are a few reasons:

Breaking Geographical boundaries – Less Movement, More Learning:

YouTube and other mediums have always engaged us in learning interesting things from different areas of interest enabling us to learn better than before. Similarly, the online webinars allow you to learn from anywhere at any time, from the best of speakers. Today you might listen from the key speaker of your community and tomorrow it could be a leader in some emerging business, a top management guy, and a Subject matter expert. And you get to experience all this without moving anywhere. It breaks the constraint of a Geographical barrier when it comes to learning. Learning process through a webinar helps one reach beyond boundaries both for business as well as for audiences and increase their expertise beyond the horizon.   

If not for Affordability, what else it’s for:

The big events happening near you are not sometimes beyond your idea of spending, you wanted to get that session but somehow you feel, it’s not worth the money. And when it comes to webinars, it’s a win-win situation. You get the best of everything. There aren’t travel costs associated, the registration charges are lesser than what you have for direct sessions, and in fact, some are free of cost. This makes it even better an option. Sometimes you can register as one attendee and pool in other interested attendees as well which brings down your cost even more, as you have to pay for only one connection. Your whole office group or friends clan can gather at one location, brainstorm, attend the webinar together and benefit.

Helps avoid the fear of being judged:

One important benefit when it comes to the online webinar is you can ask any basic question, any doubt without the fear of being judged. You can interact with the speaker, get your queries sorted and also Learn New things through various participants asking unique Questions. You can use polls, chats, call to action, provide real-time suggestions to help them as well, and grow together. The interactions happening during a webinar also helps businesses gain insight into their target group.

The power to decide:

When it comes to online webinars, you can go for free webinars or the paid ones. The major differentiator between the free webinars and the paid webinars is the depth of coverage. Based on your area of interest and your curiosity to learn more on a particular topic you can choose to opt for free webinars or paid ones. In fact, you can list down areas you want to learn about, attend free webinars on them and in things you got more interested in, go for paid sessions and explore more in it. This power to explore, decide and invest based on your interests in one of the key benefits you get out of online webinars.

Reach people beyond your reach:

You don’t generally get to attend that amazing session of that CEO in Mumbai, this entrepreneur in Delhi, and that techie from Bangalore. You can’t get everything in one place, sometimes because of geography and other times because how big of an influential person that speaker has been that the seats were limited and you couldn’t avail it. These influential leaders have a lot to give, they provide vital information. You can get to interact with them, which might not have been possible in real time meeting, with everyone able to get their query to the speaker. You can even get their contacts as they might be interested to drop in their social media details. You can stay in touch with these influential speakers, gain insights, and continue to get your knowledge improved. You never know, getting to know him, can help you gain more contacts in that field.

As we talk about the ease of online webinars, and how it benefits us, one thing we can’t miss is how it helps us start, stop, resume session whenever we wanted. And even record if required for future reference.

Movavi Screen Recorder is one such precious software that allows you to download video from a website, save recordings as videos or GIFs, record in Full HD at 60 FPS, and convert those recordings to any format such as MP4, MOV, AVI etc. Once you run the setup file, you will see the program launch automatically at the end of the installation. With utmost ease, you can adjust the area of recording by drawing a frame around the video you would like to record. You can ignore the background unnecessary parts and focus on just the required areas.  Movavi Screen recorder makes the job easy for you by providing you with ready-made frames, you can just choose a preset frame from the Capture Area list.

Screen Recorder

Not just that, you can also rip a video from websites using the Rec button. On a 3 second countdown, the recording begins and you can control what you’re recording through an onscreen interface or using hotkeys, which are keyboard shortcuts that allow you to quickly start, stop and pause recordings with a simple keystroke. You don’t have to worry if you fail to click save or exited before the process was done. All your recordings will be auto saved in your hard drives with superior quality in Mkv and be available in preview mode.

The best thing is that it gives you maximum access, multiple options to get your video recorded as per your requirement. It allows you trim unwanted footage in preview window using Scissors tool and Trash Can to delete segments not required.

By giving users features from A to Z, this makes your online webinar experience all the more easy because you can now, access the videos offline later for references, share with others who require assistance, refer during important works, by downloading them from any website or YouTube in necessary frames.

You can choose to record your entire desktop, a custom portion, or a specific window or application. It’s also great for recording video games, video VoIP calls etc. Ability to do that via all modes like smartphones, tablets, laptops and have numerous interactive control features like effects, fades, titles and transitions is a plus factor.

So if you are keen on learning new things, gain insights from around the globe, and do it at lesser costs than in-person sessions, online webinar is the thing for you. From beating the psychological factors like fear of questioning in public, avoiding traveling all the way to sit for a session you might not be interested in, and learn things at ease, online webinars have made their mark on learning at ease for people across boundaries.

If you are an attendee, as state above, online webinars help you learn things at ease beyond boundaries and if you are business,  online webinars help you reach exclusive targeted audience either live or on demand efficiently and engage better using video, audio, interactive options and achieve greater reach at lower costs than other face-face meetings. Either way, online webinars have been the best platform for all stakeholders when it comes to easy and efficient learning.

In a world of digital transformation, let’s make our process of learning through such niche platforms. Happy Learning, Happy embracing online ☺


Ram Kumar blogs at DeviceBowl. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Addicted to Blogging and Coding.

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