Blogging: Replying to Comments On Your Blog

If you have a blog, you probably know that comments are a source of its life. They mark the perception other people have of your content and they can contribute to your blog’s popularity tremendously. So, what about comments?

Not all sites presuppose the option of commenting in the first place. Some of them simply publish information in long posts without giving the audience an opportunity to comment — for example, you can see Platinum Play Casino Review. However, a huge number of blogs not only allows commenting but actually depends on it. The question that every blog owner inevitably faces is, should you reply to comments?

Blogging Replying To Comments On Your Blog

New Blogs

If you have a new blog, then interacting with your users is the crucial element of your potential success. When you post any kind of information, people respond to it in different ways. Overall, the most common types of reviews include the following:

·         Positive comments expressing appreciation over what you posted;

·         Neutral comments that acknowledge the fact that the commenter has read your content yet neither agrees nor disagrees with it;

·         Negative comments expressing disagreement with your content;

·         Negative comments that function as the personal attack.

If you have a new blog, you should respond to all these types apart from the last one. By doing this, you will show your readers that their opinions and feedback are important for you and that you’re appreciative of their taking time to comment. How to construct your comments?

Make them individual. Don’t just copy-paste your answers. Even if you got 20-30 comments, still reply to each of them carefully. Remember, you’re not in a position to alienate your readers when you’ve just started your blog, and while a simple ‘thank you’ is better than nothing, in most cases, it’s perceived as underwhelming.

Engage with the expressed opinion, underline what you liked most about the comment and how it made you feel – for example, mention that you were pleasantly surprised to receive such a thoughtful comment and that you hope that the reader will enjoy your others posts. Don’t provide links to your other posts if you have them unless the commenter asked about something specific — it will be seen as a negative form of advertising.  

Don’t be rude, even to the negative reviews. Stay polite and constructive. However, if you’re attacked directly and meaninglessly, you should delete this comment unless you wish to address it. If you do, remember about politeness.

Popular Blogs

Popular blogs get hundreds of comments and it’s physically impossible to reply to each. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t communicate with your readers at all. Choose top-5 or top-10 comments per each post, those that affected you most. It will motivate other readers to comment in the hope that next time, you’ll pick their reply to address.

Maintaining communication with readers is crucial for all blogs, new and popular. It fuels the relationship between the bloggers and commenters. Be creative and polite, and your subscribers will love commenting on your posts.   

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