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Why Small Businesses Should Consider Enabling Wi-Fi Calling


Technology has vastly changed the communications landscape. We have come from the days when the only forms of communication were phone calls and telegrams, to the present where we can make video calls around the world and make phone calls using the internet. Wi-Fi calling is a relatively new technology that enables mobile devices to receive and make calls through a Wi-Fi network. As it grows, it is helping businesses get rid of old telephone systems to embrace a new way of communicating. It also comes with lots of benefits that help make a compelling case for why businesses owners should embrace it.

It Allows You to Call from Areas with Low Cellular Connectivity

We have come a long way in terms of cellular network connectivity; many parts of the world that have sufficient mobile phone penetration have cellular connections that are good enough for basic communication. However, there are some areas where it is impossible to receive a good cellular connection. Such areas include the subways, underground parking, and dead zones in concrete buildings. When you are on a call on a cellular device and you get into such a zone, your phone will hang up. This can be incredibly damaging, especially if you were on an important call or meeting. Wi-Fi calling eliminates this risk by allowing you to receive and make phone calls even in areas with limited connectivity.

Wi-Fi Calling Saves Time

When you need to make a call, you do not want to waste time looking for a cellular connection. Instead, you want to make the call and be connected as soon as possible. Additionally, a call that keeps dropping during an important meeting wastes everyone’s time because the meeting ends up taking longer. With Wi-Fi calling, all you need is a reliable connection to make sure this never happens. When you spend less time looking for a cellular connection and can reach the people you need to easily, you end up getting less frustrated – another benefit of enabling Wi-Fi calling.

Wi-Fi Calling Does Not Use Talk Time

Many business owners have cellular plans with unlimited minutes. However, this is not always the case with employees who may have a limited number of minutes, which is quite likely for many businesses that provide their employees with mobile devices. If your employees make a lot of phone calls, that could end up depleting their minutes which ends up being very costly for the business. Wi-Fi calling does not use any talk time so your employees can use the minutes you get them when they have to or when there is no connection.

You Do Not Need to Install an App

There are smartphone apps for everything, including VoIP services. You lose your connection if you ever uninstall the VoIP app. With Wi-Fi calling, the is no app to install because most modern Android and Apple phones now come with Wi-Fi calling capabilities. All you need to do is enable the functionality through your phone’s settings.

It Does Not Use Data

If you already use communication tools like video messaging in your small business, you already know that these tools consume data as you use them. However, since it used a wireless connection, does Wi-Fi calling use data? The answer is no, it does not. Incoming calls are connected through your Wi-Fi connection and not through your cellular connection and this is why Wi-Fi calling does not consume data. 

To help you better understand how this works, OpenPhone has provided a detailed guide that answers the question, “does Wi-Fi calling use data?”, and explains the differences between Wi-Fi calling and VoIP, as well as everything else you need to know about does Wi-Fi calling. OpenPhone is a VoIP service provider that allows you to use Wi-Fi calling to make calls through their apps and software. They also make it easier to get a US or Canadian phone number easily, or unlimited numbers if you have a larger team.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to have a phone that enables Wi-Fi calling and a carrier network that supports it. You can find instructions on how to enable Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone or Android device online, and you can get in touch with your current mobile service provider to find out if they support the functionality.

Better Call Quality

Call quality makes a huge difference, especially when you spend a lot of your time making calls. Good call quality also makes your business seem more professional, which is one of the reasons why many businesses are switching to VoIP. VoIP which has superior call quality compared to traditional calling and landlines. The one advantage Wi-Fi calling has over VoIP is that it does not require any data and this can provide you with the superior call quality you need without having to think about your internet connection. 

Better call quality removes distractions and call drops helping you to become more focused as you talk over the phone, which can increase your productivity. Additionally, your clients will see that you are serious about not wasting their time by investing in quality communications solutions.

You Do Not Need a Separate Phone Number

Your clients and customers do not want to waste time thinking of which of the ways you have provided to get in touch with your business would be best. They also do not want to save multiple business numbers on their phones and have to wonder which is the right one every time they would like to call. Wi-Fi calling does not require a separate phone number or SIM card and so you do not need to confuse your contacts by giving them multiple numbers to use. Also, there is no confusion when you call your contacts; they will always know who is calling since you will always use the same number whether you are on Wi-Fi or your cellular connection.

It is Supported by Most Phones

If you already own a relatively new smartphone, you are already ready for Wi-Fi calling. You do not need to buy a new phone or do any research to find a compatible phone. Many of the people you call as well as your employees might also have phones that support this feature.

There Are No Add-On Services Required

Lastly, you do not need any additional cellular plans to enable Wi-Fi calling. Apart from enabling the feature through your settings, putting your phone on airplane mode when connected to a Wi-Fi network can allow it to use the feature without further configuration.

International Calls are Free or Cheap

Countries such as the United States already allow you to call US numbers for free wherever you are located in the world. Many of the providers who support Wi-Fi calling are compatible with this arrangement. Do note that making international calls over Wi-Fi will depend on the country you are in, where you are calling and whether both phones support Wi-Fi calling. Other countries charge an international calling rate, and you might incur data charges when you call overseas.

When you are connected to a cellular network, you incur charges every time you call, text, or make a video call. However, this is not the case when you use Wi-Fi calling. By calling, texting, and video messaging through your Wi-Fi network, you do not have to think about these charges, and you also get to enjoy all the other benefits that come with using Wi-Fi calling.


Ram Kumar blogs at DeviceBowl. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Addicted to Blogging and Coding.

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