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Document360 Review – Why You Need this Knowledge Base Management Tool in 2022


Document360 is a knowledge management software that offers a great alternative for businesses looking to create a knowledge base, create SOPs, provide self-service tools for customers, design FAQs, and much more.

You can use Document360 to create a knowledge base for internal (for employees) and external (for customers) documents that come in handy to understand the process and product. The best part about this software is that it is scalable, so you can keep using it as your product line grows. 

In addition, you may make as many copies of a document as you need to meet your requirements.

There are a lot of benefitting features on the offerings. For instance, you get a built-in version control feature coupled with the editor, analytics, and many others discussed in this review. 

Document analytics

Analytics will help you discover the best-performing assistance documents on either the website or your knowledge base. Also, you can use it to improve articles that don’t adequately address queries.

By examining users’ questions, you may learn about their interests. You can make data-backed decisions and invest more time and effort to improve articles searched more by the users.

These are the areas that Document360 analytics cover:

  • You get access to users’ geography that helps you understand more about the customer and thereby target them better. 
  • With Document360, you can track the individual performances of authors, categories, and articles. 
  • Get results of search metrics, no-result searches, user searches, and keywords.
  • Avail the team account where admins have access to the sort of account each person has, the kind of articles they’ve written or read, and when they last logged in or contributed.
  • Provides “like” and a “dislike” button for each article, along with a feedback option for users to drop in their comments. 
  • A broken link checker is an important tool that helps identify internal and external links that need to be fixed.

Your answer to effective documentation 

Create and maintain knowledge base articles using the documentation feature’s out-of-the-box documentation capabilities.

  • Prevent accidental changes to your knowledge base material. You can create multiple versions of articles to prevent unintentional content ramifications.
  • Preview the content before putting it online. 
  • Make it simpler to search for material with an added advanced search tool.
  • Get to view the differences between the two versions from above with the difference viewer.
  • You can create a multilingual knowledge base.

Content manager

Document360 allows your content team to organize articles and documents more efficiently. This is done by putting all your articles into a single folder and offering six levels of categorization.

You can also arrange categories and subcategories as per your requirements. Also, you may conceal the content category which you don’t want to display at any moment.

Enable branding

You can use a corporate knowledge base with Document360’s help. You can also create landing pages that match the branding style based on colours, integrate logos, and design pages as required. This is possible with custom CSS that lets you set up different layouts, fonts, and more for your knowledge base.

For instance, you want to create a cohesive brand identity across all user interfaces — uniform colours, brand logos, and theme.

Useful editor

The editor in Document360 enables significant customization with the WYSIWYG editor that provides greater control. You have Document360 that focuses on your writer’s ease of use when blending the content into a custom layout.

  • Simple to add keyboard shortcuts to your documents using the Markdown editor. 
  • Create articles with videos, photos and further formatting using the HTML editor.
  • Send notifications to writers that draw their attention to critical information, such as warnings, mistakes, or helpful feedback.
  • Easy to interlink the knowledge base or to other resources on the internet.
  • You can also add attachments, lists, inline previews, leverage autosave, comprehensive tables, and code blocks in the editor. 

Enhanced security

A major factor to determine the software reliability is its ability to provide security. With Document360 you can get the regular backup of your files along with other security benefits. You can use its access control features that help you set permissions as to who can edit, view, or comment on the document.

Also, no need to be concerned about the articles that have been removed or missing material as you can recover old data using manual and automatic backups.

Document360 makes it easy for authors to import or export articles with a single click. You can safeguard your key knowledge base articles by limiting their visibility to your internal team. 

A range of other security features is available with Document360, including creating security groups, enabling IP filtering, mapping custom domains, and redirecting articles. 

Language options

Document360 allows you to translate your knowledge base into many languages, enabling your content to reach a wider audience worldwide. And, unlike other knowledge base providers, Document360 facilitates translating its content into other languages by adding them in your localization and versions settings.

Go to Project Admin, then Localization & Versions. Then pick the language you want to convert your knowledge base into. By clicking on the edit button, you may choose a different language to use.


If you can deliver a knowledge base in a customer’s preferred language, this increases the chance that they will engage with your documentation and reduce the churn rate.

You can also choose machine translation where Document360 will translate your material into the desired language. Machine translation is an automatic translation system that converts your content from the default to the destination.

Layout customization

It is possible to change the overall design of your knowledge base using Document360’s global settings. You can also replace favicons with new images by simply replacing the default image with your own. A 16×16 pixel favicon will display your website’s browser tab and any bookmarks added to the list.

Your knowledge base’s layout may be set to either centre layout to align the content inside the browser window. Or you can use a fluid layout that extends your content to the browser window’s boundaries. It is entirely up to you to choose which arrangement is most appropriate for your knowledge base.

Knowledge Base Assistant

If you want your users to access the knowledge base information without the need to leave your site, you can use the knowledge base assistance. It helps users search and read the content of your knowledge base without navigating to any other window.

When the user is on a particular page, the assistant provides suggestions for related content to 

check out. 

It is easy to install the knowledge base helper since it uses Javascript to put it into your website. Additionally, you can tailor it by selecting colours that complement your company and deciding whether to put the assistant on the left or right side of your website.

Ticket Deflector

Even if your customer service representatives are swamped with support requests, not all of those queries need personalized support. Using a self-serve knowledge source like Document360, you can quickly answer a few of the basic customer queries.

The ticket deflector feature offered by Document360 helps empower your consumers to assist themselves. This way, you can now bring the cost of support expenses while also improving the user experience. 

With a ticket deflector in your knowledge base site, your support agent can spend time on more complex and sensitive issues than their expertise. You can turn on/off the ticket deflector any time when needed. 

What can you create using Document360?

  • You can leverage Document360 if you are into SaaS offerings to build comprehensive product help docs that work as a self-service knowledge base.
  • This is a powerful software for those looking for a complete technical documentation solution. With Document360, you can create how-to guides, reference docs, system docs, tutorials, and release notes.
  • Time to do away with your PDF user guides as Document360 offers an interactive alternative for online user guides that are easy to maintain. 

Document360 price bands

Each plan will give you a free trial, and you can customize the plan (by paying for additional features). The packages are designed as per your business type. Let us take a quick look at its flexible packages to suit the business demands of all sizes. Also, it is possible to tailor the Enterprise Plus package to match your individual needs.

  • A startup plan will cost you anything between $99 to $119 a month. This plan is designed for startups searching for low-cost options to start with the knowledge base.
  • The business plan ranges from $299 to $359 a month. This project is intended for medium to small-sized businesses looking to develop and extend their consumer base.
  • Lastly, you have the enterprise plan that ranges from $499 to $599 a month. This one caters to well-established enterprises looking to improve their customer experience with a meaningful self-service knowledge base. 


If you are looking for a comprehensive knowledge base solution, look no further than Document360. It is a useful tool that won’t need your authors and editors to be tech experts and still craft appealing knowledge base articles. While there are many knowledge management systems in the market, what makes Document360 stand out is that it is quite simple to begin even for small businesses with a minimum budget.

On the flip side, though, there are some considerations that you need to make. For instance, you do not get the mobile app for the same. You can still navigate it through a mobile browser but its overall mobile experience is not up to the mark due to the complicated interface.

For the support, step-by-step instructions are always available to you from their team when you need them. Time to get started with this one. Before buying, check how well it fits your business needs for documentation and knowledge base.


Ram Kumar blogs at DeviceBowl. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Addicted to Blogging and Coding.

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