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4 Reasons Why I Can’t Blog Like Before


Another announcement post from HellBound Bloggers. But this one is quite different and a new one. For the next 3-4 months, I can’t update my blog or promote it like I did before. Well there is a reason for it. Oh sorry, not ‘a’ reason, but 4 reasons. Move on dudes…

1. Exam results were out. Unfortunately got less academic marks. (Alas, not again!)

2. Took an oath that I’ll get good marks next time. That increases studying time and of course, decreases blogging time.

3. Dad will scold me if I’m online or if I’m blogging. (Well usual stuff)

4. I don’t want anyone to say that I got less marks because of my blog. I don’t want anyone to put the blame on my blog. So…

What I can’t do now!

1. Posting Frequency : I can’t update HBB much. Currently keeping HBB updated before of Guest Articles. Guest Authors! Love ya all!

2. Replying And Moderating : Earlier I used to moderate and reply to every comments asap, but now it is quite impossible.

3. Online Presence : I was addicted to Facebook and Twitter. But now have to stop that. So no Facebook status update and no tweets.

4. Commenting : I used to comment a lot to brand my blog and to develop relationship with other blog owners. But now no time for it.

I’m surely missing the presence of my blog and my few readers. I will either find a way, or make one to blog like before. I was responsible for what I was. Cheers. Take Care.


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    • Saurabh

      I know the process you’re going through, but I’m sure this is just temporarily Pradeep. Education is important so do concentrate on improving your mark

    • Dev | Technshare

      i can understand the situation bro….:)
      .-= Dev | Technshare's last blog…<a href="">8 Tips to Increase your Google Page Rank</a> =-.

    • Mathew Day

      I don’t think you’ll be losing any readers. Your blog is already filled with endless valuable content. I believe education is very important, like they say “knowledge is power”. Good luck on getting your marks up! 🙂
      .-= Mathew Day’s last blog…XHeader Pro New Release – FREE Header Graphics Software =-.

    • Sandeep Singh

      Hope you score off well this time !!! you blog good and we need you continue with full heart

    • Hami

      well good luck 🙂 but do post something how you managed to do it successfully..

    • sriganesh

      really my blog get good hits in the month first, due to more offinle nad not blogging for few days made my ads impression less. 🙁 and dont know my ads once was cancelled, i have to ask him. for that any how its happy you came back. me too have to go online and post periodcally

    • Rathan

      This just happens to every one….. dont worry too much you will get out of it… All the best….. but no.3 is common every where because its our dad he is correct on his path you cant blame him for that

    • Beth Charette

      Nothing wrong with your reasoning power, so I hope your professors can appreciate the good mind they have before them.

      Unfortunately, many teachers are from the old school. That is, one has to memorize material that one will forget the moment the last bell on the last day has rung.

      On the other hand, there are subjects that one needs to understand on a cumulative basis, like mathematics. It’s hard to perform well in calculus without remembering all the tricks from Algebra and Trig.

      Hope you don’t cut back too drastically. We would miss the input.


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    • Alison Moore Smith

      Good luck and congrats on focusing on your education. That will pay off in the end.

    • Paul

      Study is still more important than blogging. That is until you graduated.

    • Bangaloreloka

      I COMPLETELY understand the reason behind this and somewhere, even I am expecting something like this. I want to pass this exam..

      But, I suggest you to keep writing, it just takes 1 hour of activity and I am sure, as a student, you must be doing lot of things that are waste of time. Just my thoughts..

      Good luck.. with blogging and exams 🙂

    • IndianCashMaker

      no 3 is something i also go through….dads never understand blogging

    • Dwarka Rao

      As i newbie blogger i guess i need to keep my self away from such PEACE HUNTING activities. Because it is simple, more the time you spend better you feel and nicer will be your work

    • Naturalpills

      If you decide to turnoff the business, it’s your choice budy!

    • Ajith Edassery

      As I maintained many times before, studies come first! Always 🙂 All the best bro.

      Now that, four months is a long time to be away from active blogging and since you have a very generic domain name, I would think that it’s not a bad idea to flip the blog. Because otherwise when you come back, you might have lost the stats and known readership. Any such plans?

    • Ajeet

      Don’T worry friend guest blogger will do for you.All de best for next exam…

    • Malini

      Take care pradeep! Do well in your exams..God bless

    • Ruchi

      Hey Pradeep! Best luck with ur studies. Miss your regular comments and post. If you need any help do let me know.

    • Uttoran Sen

      yeah, i know, i was finding very less posts from you and knew that you were busy off line, study is a serious distraction to blogging and vice-versa, but since you have already made your resolution of doing better next time, i guess you are doing all right by standing up to it.

    • Akash | AM Blogger

      :|. I will be missing you dude and I will not be happy to see this blog in such a situation. I hope you will be right back very soon.

      All the best for your exams. Be right back with a bang 😉

    • MostlyBlog

      we all missing you and best of luck for your exam bro,

    • sriganesh

      hey sam, | same pinch , but for me health is getting bad, i got continuous sprain in neck and hand 🙁 . we all miss you , exams are important and no bloggers ever like to get a bad name on his/her blog 😀 all the best for your exams and marks

    • Kissie

      Pay now, play later.

      Play now, pay later.

      I think you picked the right one.

    • Teenblogger

      I completly understand your situation mate, becuase I have the same thing going on as well and also cant update my blog frequently. Study comes first hey! Anyway Hopefully you can update sometimes and keep us updates on how things are going or something.

      Good luck.

    • Ramkumar

      Take care of the exams buddy. i suggest you can spend ur weekends on blogging, atleast on saturday, schedule ur posts. Are u under Anna university?

    • Narendran. M

      I can understand your situation dude. I’ll be soon waiting for your presence. I really miss you alot.

    • provamsi @ India365

      Oops sorry for the harsh comment on facebook. I’m really sorry for that. I don’t know that you are soo busy with studies. First studies and then comes blogging. Take care. Here is something for you, written specially for you and harsh. Hope you will take a look at it.

    • Ching Ya

      I know the process you’re going through, but I’m sure this is just temporarily Pradeep. Education is important so do concentrate on improving your marks, we’ll be here to cheer you on for sure. The effort you put in is not wasted, no worries. Will be anticipating your come-back. All the best in studies, make us proud.

      Social/Blogging Tracker

    • Rohit Sane

      Miss you man! I seriously thought that something was wrong..Now you said it all..its okay…and I hope you make a come back soon!

    • Sriraj

      Actually you people (esp you and Arun) are great. It’s quite impossible to manage studies and SERIOUS blogging. I don’t know what lame things I did back in my Engg days, but thank god that’s finished.
      Now it’s quite easy for me to manage work (this dud Government bank SBI job) and blogging.
      All the best. First studies, then the rest..

    • Tech Maish

      Ohh i am sory that you didn’t perform will in your exam.
      But don’t be upset because up and down is the part of our life. Be strong and always be positive.

    • Sanjeev

      Hey buddy, wish you all the best for your exams and academics. Always remember a dialogue from 3 idiots; “Qualified hone ke liye nahi, Kabil banne ke liye padho”. Blogosphere and social media will miss you buddy. 🙂

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