Top 5 Web-Based Apps That Web Developers Must Give a Try to Boost Their Business

Web development is not an easy process and web developers always remain on the edge of the time constraints and stressful time. They can not afford to do all the work by themselves as they don’t have enough time. If they perform all of the tasks by their own, then it would be difficult for them to meet their client’s deadlines. So, in order to make their tasks easier, many vendors have come up with which are easily available over the internet tools with which web developers can carry out their tasks quite easily and proficiently.

These tools enable web developers to accelerate their development process with much more proficiency. They help in a way that a web developer may only concentrate on its design and code tactics and forget the rest of things.

We all know that the term “tool” in web development and designing typically refers to the programs or applications either small or medium that are combined together to accomplish a specific task. In this article, I want to share some web-based tools that will be helpful for web developers in carrying out their tasks more efficiently.

1. Invoicera


Invoicera is primarily a web-based invoicing and billing tool for web developers and small business owners. It has been developed to help users to save their time and money in carrying out such invoicing tasks such as managing expenses and estimates, tracking time for projects, creating and sending invoices etc to their clients. It provides an effective and easy time tracking feature that not only optimizes the time you spend on client projects and assist you to meet the target within the time constraint.

2. Creately


Creately is an online application of collaboration diagrams . Creately comes with improved capabilities for collaboration among team members easier and better. Today, besides the support of many types of diagrams, it is web-based Wireframes, Sitemaps and flow of the pages that are used by web designers and developers every day.

3. Adobe Dreameaver

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is the industry’s leading web authoring and editing software that offers both visual and skills-level code to create sites based on standards and models of desktop, smartphone, tablet and other devices.

4. W3Counter


W3Counter tool is a free, hosted online analytics solution for answering main queries about your website traffic: Who are your viewers, how users came to your site, and what thing they found most interesting. No installation, no configuration, and starts tracking by copying and pasting a snippet of code into your website.

5. OpenX


OpenX is one of the leading independent worldwide provider of digital advertising technology that enables web developers to supervise and maximize their advertising revenue. OpenX products, includes OpenX Enterprise and OpenX Market, offers a wide-ranging revenue generation platform by merging ad helping with an exceptional ad exchange program for web developers.

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9 thoughts on “Top 5 Web-Based Apps That Web Developers Must Give a Try to Boost Their Business”

  1. Thanks Steve, for sharing this informative piece. I will go ahead and try these tools. Is there any specific reason why you put Invoicera on the top, though I know it’s an invoicing software to enhance productivity. Just curious to know…

    • Chris, Invoicera got to be on the top of my list. Invoicing is the biggest headache, when done manually. Invoicera works like a pain-killer, does it all itself. You should definitely check it out..

  2. I prefer adope dreaweaver software which is one of the leading software that provides tablet, and smart phones and a lot more. And, dreamweaver would be easy way to learn and it has a lot of profit in it. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable post on here 🙂

  3. Hi Steven, Thanks for sharing this great list. I am using Adobe Dreamweaver now, but I haven't heard of the others you have mentioned here. Will certainly give them a try for sure. Thanks for sharing.


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