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7 ways to use Videos on your site


Are you using videos to market your product or business?

Do you want to discover the best video kinds to make, as well as the best presentation time?

Ways To Use Videos On Your Site

Different video types must be utilized at different times to make your audience become connected to your services and products. In every new prospect, there will be different needs compared to an established customer.

Given that, this article will make you aware of the seven-way to effectively use the perfect type of video during the right time to increase conversions and traffic throughout the cycle of sales.

Use Product Videos to Increase Conversions 

Since 64% to 85% is the normal amount of website visitors from any part of the world, they are more likely to purchase the product after viewing a video describing it. So, you need to create short promotional videos to show off the product’s main features and benefits and post it on your website. 

For instance. An apparel store could do well with posting photos.  But videos of a single group of models wearing your product is better. If service is what you offer, make use of video content to explain the capabilities of your service and how it is going to solve your customers’ concerns.

Here, PadMapper had created a video animation explaining the service excellently with a humorous and light tone.

Also, the video doesn’t only refer to shooting and filming. There are also lots of creative alternatives such as repurposing product photos into video content. You will simply insert cool templates and photos having nice text and transitions, as well as background audio or music.

Use How-to Videos to Drive Traffic 

How-to videos can easily catch the intent of prime buyers. They are either looking for something new to learn, or they have problems that need a solution. Now, this is your chance to show them the potential solutions that they can apply with your how-to videos. 1 out of 3 people says that the reason why they purchased the product is because of the tutorial about how to do and apply it.  

You only need to deduce the uses of your product and later on share it with your audience. For example, make a tutorial video about how to cook food, food recipes, or even the simple how to tie a tie. Here, you must refrain from selling your product and focus on tutoring the audience. 

How-to videos were created by the Home Depot to get shopping trips of supplies in order and to take the buyers’ interest. 

In Google’s keyword searches, 52% appears to be video in which 82% are from YouTube. With this, you must consider optimizing your video with SEO keywords. Create meta-detailed descriptions for your video, and don’t forget to add voiceover transcripts. Produce inspiring and great content to make people be engaged with your videos, just like in written works. 

Product Walkthroughs for Onboard Users

 The users must be entitled to an easy, smooth, and fun process of onboarding to make them stick with your offered services in the long run. Put yourself in the situation of your first-time users before starting any decision or movement. The common use cases must be chosen, as well as a screen recording of the products. If you’re on Mac, QuickTime can make it easy for you. If you’re a Windows user, then you need to download a Screen recorder.

BussSumo made a walkthrough video to push the new users and become acquainted with the product. 

Use Screencasts to Cut Down on Cases of Customer Service 

To reduce received calls concerning customer service, you can use screencasts as it can also help onboard the users effectively. Instead of using text for FAQs, you can create video content answering the most common questions of your customers. It depends on you on how short or long the video is as long as it was able to address the concern. A simple vine video was created by the NatWest Bank about the processes involved in changing account preferences. 

Then, upload the screencasts to the FAQs page and prepare the links that are automatically sent to customers who email or call for assistance. You don’t need to worry that much since making this needs not to be professional. Just ensure that it is genuine and thorough, and the customers will understand. 

Use Testimonials to Create Social Proof 

Here, you can ask for permission from your loyal customers to ask and record some testimonials about your business. If they are nearby, you can invite them to visit your office or store. If not, you can meet them through your camera gear. Also, you can make a meeting place and event where you can approach your customers. Allow them to describe and review your product, as well as their experiences and problems solved by your product or service. 

This is an effective, professional, and heartfelt customer of Becker Professional Education.

Take note that if your customers are going to record their testimonials, ask them to create a short video on their smartphone or upload and send it to your account. 

Use Video Ads to Increase Sales 

Nowadays, the most effective online ad medium is online video ads. 72% of ad agencies agree that using online video ads are far more effective compared to traditional ads on televisions. This is because of the click-factor entailed in online ad videos. So, you must create video ads about your product and upload it to Facebook and YouTube as the most used social media platforms today. You can also make short videos for Instagram and Vine. 

Retarget Website Visitors

You can create a custom audience to retarget website visitors from your product’s front or other specific pages on Facebook. On the other hand, you can start a YouTube campaign and create a remarketing list video. You can also embed video in a WordPress site if you have the means. 


Hence, video is everywhere, and it helps a lot of marketers to achieve great results. 

Different types of videos are already available and can be created effectively to drive marketing conversions and traffic. Focus on the strengths of your business and always look for alternatives on how to showcase your products through video to both potential and current customers. 

What are your remarks about our discussion? Have you learned something new? Share your thoughts! 


Ram Kumar blogs at DeviceBowl. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Addicted to Blogging and Coding.

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