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7 Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Company LinkedIn page


Digital marketing has become so well established that no successful business can afford not to have a strong social media presence.

This includes your LinkedIn Company Page. Whether your company is small, mid-sized or large, you should take advance of the many networking and sales opportunities available through this platform.

Ways Increase Engagement Company LinkedIn Page

As with any social media platform, the key to success is achieving engagement with other users (mainly influential ones) in the community. Each “like” or comment on one of your posts opens you up to a whole new sphere of followers.

Most savvy LinkedIn users know this already. The hard part is working out how to create this engagement, to begin with. We’ve rounded up a list of seven ways to increase participation on your company LinkedIn page.

1. Be Personable

Yes, your company’s LinkedIn page should be professional. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be dry and stodgy. Users are more likely to engage with your content if your brand exhibits a human side. You can achieve this by writing your summary in the first person and using “we” and “us” when you’re describing your company, as demonstrated on the Talus Payments LinkedIn page. It’s also helpful to inject hints of humor (that stays in line with your brand image) and playfulness in your posts.

Adding photos and videos from charitable ventures your business has been involved with is another great way to add a “feel good” aspect to your profile while remaining authentic. It will also give your audience an idea of the kind of values that underpin your brand’s mission.

2. Post a Variety of Content

If you want to inspire interaction, you need to keep things fresh. Posting too much self-promotional content or too many dry industry-related links is a sure way to bore your audience.

While industry-related links certainly have their place, you need to find ways to make them more enticing, such as with videos and eye-catching infographics. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun by including funny images and (work-appropriate) memes that apply to your field. Keep in mind, research has shown that posts that contain images result in a 98% higher comment rate.

3. Post at Optimal Times of Day

To get the greatest engagement from your posts, post when your followers are on LinkedIn. Research from Hubspot found that the best time to post updates on LinkedIn is Tuesday between 10 – 11 a.m. This time slot consistently garners the most clicks and shares. However, Wednesday and Thursday are also suitable, with posts made at the beginning (7 – 8 a.m) and end (5 – 6 p.m.) of the workday receiving the most attention.

Despite this, you should remain active throughout the week on your LinkedIn profile, as frequent and consistent updates are a sign of professionalism and keep your brand at the forefront of your followers’ minds.

4. Understand Your Analytics

If you want to increase engagement on your company LinkedIn page, you need to know posts are most popular with your network. While you can get a rough idea from monitoring likes and comments, you should also learn to read the metric data provided by your Company Page analytics. Using this valuable feature, you can track reach, engagement and identify trends. You can also use this to pinpoint visitor demographic data and frame your content (and posting times) accordingly.

5. Improve Company Visibility

Making sure that the right people can find your company page is half the battle. You can increase your exposure by adding relevant keywords to your specialties section. Another way to ensure your company page is instantly recognizable is to keep your LinkedIn banner and logo consistent and in line with your brand’s colors.

6. Increase Opportunities for Interaction

To increase engagement with your company LinkedIn page, continuously look for opportunities to interact with your followers. You can do this by adding a call-to-action to your posts, responding to all comments on your posts and following up all inquiries with questions of your own to show interest.

Another popular way to increase engagement is to host a contest. For example, Van Heusen shirts rolled out a contest in India to find the “Most Fashionable Professional.” This humorous one-month-long venture targeted over 1.5 million users and received 30,000 unique visitors. Of these visitors, 5,000 subsequently logged on to nominate 15,000 connections. From this example, you can begin to see how the power of several small actions can inspire momentum for much more significant interactions.

7. Utilize Sponsored Updates

Much like other social media platforms, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to advertise your updates to a broader network, for a fee. If your social media marketing budget allows for this, boosting the reach of your most successful projected posts (such as campaign launches and contests) can help to generate good-quality leads, raise brand awareness and expand your network.

Making a splash on LinkedIn isn’t easy, so make sure that you set yourself apart from the competition by using these seven easy tips to increase engagement on your company page.


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