5 Things Every Blogger Should Measure with Google Analytics

Running a blog successfully is very tough, and without the right tools and blogging strategies, you may find it hard to attract and retain the visitors to your site. Other than delivering great content, bloggers should monitor the activity on their blogs, and Google Analytics is one of the best tools for that. This piece highlights some of the things that you can measure with Google Analytics to take your blog to the next level.

Things Every Blogger Should Measure With Google Analytics

1. Which Campaigns are Bringing in the Most Traffic

As a blogger, you are always wondering which of your ad campaigns are bringing in the most conversions. With Google Analytics advanced segments, you can easily find this out. It allows you to know which ads you need to pull out and which ones you need to invest in. This feature allows you to compare the campaign against the conversion and traffic goals you had set for it. You will know if they are achieving their purpose or not. Configuration is fairly easy, and this Google Analytics course will help you understand how to go about it.

2. Where Your Traffic is Coming From

As a blogger, you want your blog to be successful worldwide, obviously. However, you have regions that embrace you much better than other regions. Google Analytics has a visitor’s menu that allows you to check the location from which most of your demographic is found. It provides you with worldwide stats including the average time they spend on your site and the bounce rate of visitors from certain areas, and this helps put your goal conversions into perspective.

3. What People are Looking For

The best way to attract visitors is to ensure that your site has information that is of interest to them. While keywords certainly bring significant amounts of traffic, they do very little to keep your audience interested. How do you ensure that your visitors find what they want once they are on your blog? One way is to create a search box on your site where they can key in the keywords. To ensure that everything is working smoothly, ensure that you test to see how easy it is to find those keywords. Google Analytics will tell you the most searched for keywords, and this will definitely help you with your content management.

4. Page Bounce Rate

Google Analytics shows you the bounce rate of your website, and with this information, you can find ways to reduce the rate by including a call to actions and making the content better.

5. Mobile Traffic Behavior

You probably know that up to 80% of online activity is done over the phone. For website owners, this means that most of your traffic comes through the phone. Recent algorithms from Google show that better search engine rankings are given to websites that are mobile friendly. You need to ensure that your site is mobile optimized. Google Analytics helps you know whether mobile phone users have a great time reading your content. Always ensure that your website allows both mobile and laptop users to have an easy time finding content.

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