9 Interesting Ways to get the Links to Rank a Site!

Links play a great role in analyzing a website’s popularity. Search engines use the link data to evaluate the pages and sites to analyze its reputation, authority, trust, and spam. A trusted site will link to a trustworthy site whereas a spam site will have only links to a trusted site. Therefore, it is necessary for the webmasters to get trusted links to rank a site on the top of search engine result page. And the process to earn a link is called as link building.

Interesting Ways To Get The Links To Rank A Site

However, the process is not very easy because earning a wrong link can penalize the website. Thus, webmasters should not the right process to get a link. It will not only rank them above other site but also increase traffic to their site. Today, a web is filled with trillions of links and how other webmasters link is a fundamental factor to drive the ranking and traffic.

Many legitimate techniques are there for link building. However, there are some non-legitimate techniques as well. Apart from them, a webmaster should also focus on natural and unnatural links as well because both affect the rankings. So, here are few easy, ways for those who don’t know where and how to begin. Read them to learn how to earn the links to rank a site.

The ways to build good links:

1. Create a Blog

Content is the biggest asset especially when it comes to attracting links. Create content to get links naturally. A blog post is an essential strategy to do so. Webmasters need this strategy to survive in the online environment to earn a good position.

2. Internal Linking

A website comprises of many pages and posts and using them anyone can get good links through natural means. It gives an ability to webmasters to control everything. Content can be redirected to the other posts related to it, and thus they can bring the internal links to rank a site.

3. Link Pages

Links, pages, and resources are the legitimate ways to earn links. The relevant links of pages are the good opportunities for other webmasters to improve the traffic. However, anyone cannot just simply ask for the links.

4. Ask for Links

If the webmaster has good relations with their partners or other webmasters, then it will be easy for them to ask for links. In this condition, the business relationship can work well and prove beneficial.

5. Make it Easy

A webmaster should make it easy for others so that they can easily link to their site. One of the ways is to create HTML ready snippets. It will help others to plug into the content to link. They can also create pages such as “link to us” or can create an HTML with the help of JavaScript at the bottom of a post. This option is, however, not best for every webmaster but proves to be best for the niche community.

6. Research Competitors

Researching about competitors is the important task for the webmasters to get good linking opportunities. Few links are not easy to get whereas some can be very easy and prove to be diamonds for them. Search competitors by different metrics to know who is capable of linking. It is the best strategy as it can give trusted links to rank a site.

7. Build Relationships

The best option is to make good business relations with others so that they can easily build links. It will not only help in link building but will also promote the website. But one should wisely choose their partners to get a good ranking. Don’t just trust anyone who is in a good position because they might have earned links through wrong ways. Linking to them can cause penalty for your website, and unfortunately, search engines will mark your site the poor one.

Hence, make the careful decision and choose wisely. This option will depend on your tactics and understanding about the marketplace.

8. Niche-specific Directories

These directories are opposite to web directories as they only accept those sites which meet certain criteria set by it. Since they are specific ones, they will not accept those who belong to niche other than the specified one. Thus it is essential that your site should meet their criteria. However, some of them are free, and they will not charge for using it. But other directories can ask for money, using them is also beneficial as they are legitimate.

9. Paid Directories

There are paid directories as well which accepts the links if the asked amount is paid to them. These can result in legitimate link building and offer good results, but not all directories are alike.

So, these 9 ways can help in getting the links to rank a site. Webmasters should focus on these ways to make a good position on the result pages without getting penalized.

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