The Value Of Reviews In Technology Online Retail

Where did you buy the device on which you are reading this article right now? At a store or at an online shop? If I had to make an educated guess, I would say that you bought it online because nowadays 69% percent of the consumer electronics are sold online. That’s more than two-thirds of all goods sold! The consumer tech electronics market is easily one the biggest areas of commerce and it is still rapidly growing. So there’s a giant potential! But before you pack your bags to go out and found your own consumer electronics online shop you might want to check out our infographic.

Value Of Reviews In Technology Online Retail

The competition in this market is quite tough, having the widest range of products and the cheapest prices is not enough anymore. If you want to stand out, you need to deliver more. Our infographic shows you how you can achieve this ‘more’. Check it out!“

Value Of Reviews

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  1. Totally agreed, online selling is mainly depend on positive reviews. If any product has more positive reviews than it is more likely to see increase in the sale.


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