Use Augment To Manage Apps From Gmail

Humans are social beings. Communication is quintessential to develop our business and living standards in the society. The times have now changed; we use emails, SMS and instant messengers to communicate instantly. Gone are the days of snail mail.

Though emails help us communicate instantly, it is taking away the precious productive time of our life that could be used in doing other important work. According to a study, 28% of your workweek is spent on emails. This is an astounding 8 hours a week! Which means that, we could actually accomplish the same amount of work in just 4 days instead of 5!

Technology is meant to help us human beings in being more effective and productive. Though emails are a boon, it is a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. With the advent of smarter software like project management tools and mobile to-do lists, it has become slightly easier to sort our day effectively. Tools like Dropbox, Asana, Trello and Todoist have become an integral part of our work and personal lives.

Information is spread across all these different apps and email still is a central inbox. What if you could manage these apps straight from your email? Well, we have an app for that!

Augment lets you manage your favourite apps from Gmail. It is a Chrome extension from Gmail which helps you stay less busy.

Manage Apps From Gmail

All you have to do is install Augment – the chrome extension for Gmail. After the installation, just connect your apps and you are good to go. Now, moving your email to Evernote can be done without opening a new tab.

You must be curious to know about Augment works. Once you add it to your Gmail, it adds a sneaky little bar in your inbox to help process your emails. You can add your favorite apps from the logo of the augment that appears in the bar on your email. You can view your authenticated apps in the top bar with every mail. If you want to create or add any event then you simply need to click on it to do so. To see the actions taken by you via ‘Augment’, click on the verified symbol in right hand side by just one click you can view and edit your actions.

Augment - Manage Apps From Gmail

To increase the productivity of your work, it is essential to focus on important emails instead of junk or spam or unwanted promotional emails and for this you should have zero inbox for those unimportant mails, by using Augment it will be easy for you to do it. You can also see emails that you have processed by using Augment by clicking on ‘Augment’ sign on above of the emails.

It is a great intelligent plugin that helps those people who are serving the business professional and interacts with many people or software. Multiple work can be done by accessing all apps at one place, it really helps saving your time and hassle of logging in to multiple apps to get things done.

Watch How Augment works

If you are using cloud apps like Evernote, Dropbox, Asana, Trello and Google Calendar the product, can be perceived as IFTTT with an interface – which happens to be your inbox. If you just don’t want to miss out some important stuff then Augment is a good option to connect your emails with cloud applications and enables busy professionals to handle all their work from within their inbox. To get more information or to get answers to your queries you can tweet to Augment at @getaugment and ask them to know what app you want to see as a part of Augment. Go to the official website of Augment to download the plugin.

You can also connect with Augment on Facebook and Twitter as well.

This article is written by Mubina Khan.

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