The Truth About Webcam Hacking – Special Review

Hacking webcam becomes nothing nowadays. Even script kiddies can easily do it if they have some software (I don’t want to mention them here). If you are still thinking hacking webcams is possible only on movies based on hacking & computer technology, then you should smell the coffee now.

Afraid Your Web Cam Is Hacked? Then Check These 10+ Tips To Protect Your Webcam From Being Hacked

And don’t forget to install Antivirus software on your System, if you think they are expensive, you can check the Top 10 Best Free Antivirus Software For Your System.

web-camMany people still don’t believe that their web cams can be hacked. It is possible to hack or take control of your web cam without the hacker having personal contact with the system. Actually Hackers can even reach your place by that. ๐Ÿ˜

So why the hell should they hack my webcam?

Some people do it just for fun. They don’t have any intention of doing all these things except for fun. And some people do it intentionally. They are often described as Black Hat Hackers. They are indecently called as Cyber Criminals. They do this for obtaining personal information or photos of the victim. Some people use this for peeping purposes. They afterward use this for blackmailing the victim.

So how to know whether my webcam is hacked or not?

All webcams have at least a small light that comes ON when they are activated. They should be noticed. It means your webcam is watching you! For laptops also, there is status LED for integrated webcam.

Can I prevent those web cam hacks?

Webcams can be hijacked if you run an insecure system. Sensible use of applications will reduce the risks a lot. These are the basic steps:

  • Firewall : The first and foremost thing is to enable your firewall. This makes accessing more difficult for hackers. You can also try Zone Alarm for sophisticated firewall.
  • Anti-virus : Make sure you have a good anti-virus and update it properly to prevent such hacks. But remember, your anti-virus is not enough for fighting spyware, which takes control of your peripherals(like webcam). Try Spybot Search And Destroy and Super Anti Spyware. Check the Common Symptoms of Computer Viruses.
  • WEP and WPA : Enable your WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) and WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). If you are using wireless router or wireless webcam enable your security key. Always enable the highest security encryption possible. Make sure you use a strong password that is not easy to crack. Check Tips For Creating Secure And Strong Passwords.
  • Downloads : Be careful about what you download from your Instant Messaging client, like Yahoo! Messenger, MSN, AOL and many more.
  • Modesty Shield : Webcam like Logitech Quickcam comes with a modesty shield.  This is a visor which flips down over the lens when you don’t want the camera to see anything.

Some Web cam hack cases

A Middle-aged man from Cyprus has been arrested for hacking the webcam of a teenage girl, with the intention to take illicit and compromising pictures of the girl in her bedroom.
This Nicosia computer technician infected the girl’s computer with a Trojan to spy on her. The suspect is said to have taken pictures of the girl and threatened her with e-mailing the pictures to all of her e-mail contacts if she didn’t stand nude in front of the camera. The girl wasn’t having any of it, though, and contacted the police.

This is not the first offense of its nature. Many are adopting similar techniques. A Spanish computer science student was fined by a Spanish court for a similar offense like this.

Another one. But same intention! ๐Ÿ˜ก

A 23-year old student has been caught using his hacker skills, or more specifically, installing some dodgy software applications to spy on unsuspecting women using their own webcams.

Craig Matthew Feigin is a student at the University of Florida who was known for also fixing computers if they had a problem. One woman, named Marisel Garcia, had Craig recommended to her by a friend when her laptop started playing up. He took the machine away for the night and brought it back working the next day.

Everything seemed fine, except that every time she went near her machine a little light came on and it also started using the battery a lot quicker.

She got a close friend who knew about computers to come and check it over. They found 2 extra pieces of software installed on the machine called Web Cam Spy Hacker and Log Me In. Craig had clearly been spying on Marisel without her knowledge and uploading the pictures to a remote server.

A quick trip to the authorities and Craig confessed to not only spying on Marisel, but also up to nine other women whose machines he had fixed. In Mariselโ€™s case, he had compiled over 20,000 pictures of her in different states of dress, as well as with her friends and boyfriend.

Craig is now in custody and faces some charges coming under the Florida Statute of Offences against computer users.

Some people even use Social Engineering tactics to get the access for your webcam.

You can unplug the webcam when you are not using it or cover it with some stickers temporarily.

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  1. Hello! I am so, so, so paranoid my webcam was hacked :'( I’ve had it since 2006 but I only found out webcams can be hacked a few months ago..And i don’t have a cover lens so I never covered it. Is there a way to find out if my webcams been hacked in those 6 years? I don’t have a webcam anymore, I immediately disconnected it after I read articles about webcam hacks. But yes.. it’s making me so paranoid it’s all i can think about lately, is there any way to find out if my webcam’s been compromised in those 6 years? I really need to know, i’m going crazy because of all the worrying :”””( I don’t know what to do anymore.

      • Well because I only found out about webcam hacking a few months ago, I had never heard or even considered the fact that webcams can be hacked.. If i knew sooner I never wouldve bought a webcam in the first place! But its too late for that now.. So is there a way to find out if my webcam’s ever been compromised in these 6 years? Does the hacker leave a trace on my computer? Or anything? I really need to know..

        • Cool Jennifer, so you own a 6 year old webcam, does that come with this feature, like if the webcam is “ON”, then a light will be shown, something like that?

          Hacking a webcam is normally easy for hackers, but if your computer is secure then the possibilities are limited.

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    Check them out today!

  3. If someone is “hacking” my webcam, is it possible that I can hear them when they are spying on me?
    Last night I logged into Skype and another contactย ( an ex) was also online.ย  We never chatted or anything.ย ย Skype was running as I continued on doing things on my computer.ย  A while laterย I could hear noises from my computer speakers of someone breathing and shuffling around.ย  It lasted for a few minutes and then went silent again. I double-checked to make sure no connection to skype hadย been made it there was none.ย  I have had an uncomfortable feeling lately that Iย am being spied on, but can’t really prove it. ย ย I don’t even know where to begin in trying to figure this out.ย  Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.ย  I don’t think this would be a high priority with the police department, so I am trying to handle it myself.ย  I am willing to pay someone a consulting fee or something for help.

    • Hi Jennifer, I guess the scenario is like this, you logged into your Skype account and you heard noises from the computer speakers, like noises of someone breathing and shuffling around? Well, that is a common one Jennifer. The other guy might have wanted to have some conversation with you. I think you can be 99.9% sure that your webcam was not hacked. If you still feel uncomfortable, kindly scan your computer and check whether you have any mysterious files or drivers affecting your webcam.ย 
      Also check these tips to protect your webcam :
      And never ever go to unknown or strange service centers for consulting or servicing your computer, they might turn against you.ย 

  4. Hello, great article.

    I am just wondering yesterday I went on webcam with a friend of mine on Skype but that I just had met online. However, I didn't know, I thought she was going to go on webcam with me together but she didn't. Anyway, while being on the webcam the light "blinked" a few times? This never has happened when I was on Skype webcam with my friends.

    What does this mean?! Does it mean that someone was spying on me while I was on the webcam? >.<

    It would blink few times then stop, then again repeat then stop again. What does this mean?

    Thanks Heaps.

    • Hi Jasmina,

      Your webcam didn't blink earlier when you used to video chat? Then you should check whether you have done anything unusual online when you met your friend, like clicking anything, opening any popups, something like that.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hello sir. Iam interested in computer hacking.Is there any software that can be used to hack the webcams? If so can you mention it. Iam sure, i won't use it for illegal purpose .
    Please !

  6. hi, is it possible someone can barge in our web cam while i am cam chatting my friends and see both cams ?


  7. I have a question. Even if the driver for the webcam isn't installed, is it still possible for the webcam to be hacked and used to spy on someone? Cause I didn't install the driver for the webcam for this reason and that I don't like using the webcam.

    • A driver is just a computer program used to interact with a hardware device, I mean if you have Microsoft webcam, then drivers related to it will be installed. It has very little to do with hacking. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • am always connecting to a free wifi or net whenever there is an available wifi connections in my laptopโ€ฆ Is there a possibility that someone can see my cam when Iโ€™m using a yahoo messenger? Or is there a possibility that the router can detect the website I am visiting?

            • Jenny, now you need to take this seriously, because 'free' WiFi cannot be secure always. Because hackers can target them easily. If you are accessing it from a mall or a public library or something like that, then you can ask the administrator regarding the security of the connection, normally they'll have something called "WEP" – Wireless Encryption Protocol.

              Apart from using Antivirus and Firewall you can try some encryption software like Symantec Endpoint Protection and StuffIt Deluxe.

  8. Hi-

    my roommate was using my mac today and told me that things started moving on their own, ofr example opening windows and playing music etc, and that she could hear someone breathing.She thinks i was hacked and that someone was watching via my webcam, but she also said the light wasnt on. I wasnt there for this, and hoping she joking and this is not possible…but i felt like i should do some research and after your article im freaked out!

    thanks so much for your time!

  9. the little green light on my mac has recently been turned on when I'm not using my mac, and I'm wondering if someone has hacked it. is there anything I can do now, after it has already happened? I'm afraid that they'll be spying in on me when I'm actually using my cam, cause then I wouldn't know if they were spying, as the cam is already on.

    any replies are appreciated.

    • Hi Elena,

      If that little green light turning "ON" is unusual, you should take action now, kindly do the basic things now :

      1. Check for any strange applications installed.

      2. Have you ever clicked any mysterious link recently?

      3. Check your webcam software whether it has any 3rd party access.

  10. I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop using windows 7. I loaned the laptop to my girlfriend this weekend and now the light is on. She says it's been on for at least two days.

    I'm afraid someone may have been watching her. But now that I have my laptop back, wouldn't you think they wouldn't want to see a dude? haha. Anywho, I took a look into system processes to see if anything is using up excess CPU.. Nothing there, checked install/uninstalll programs and there were a few strange looking names, but I think they're programs and add-ons for video and audio software I have. Also ran malwarebytes, but it found nothing.

    Any suggestions?

  12. I should add that I have a Dell inpiron 1400, wireless, behind router and have WEP2 encryption with a very difficult PW, however I use this unit for e-mail and I may have opend up links I thought I knew that I did not know.

  13. I just noticed that my blue webcam light comes on about every 20 min and there is a system sound also, I would like to know is there a way I can
    A. find the source
    B. track the code
    C I am not worried about someone I dont know taking pictures of me because it will be their bad luck as I am ugly ๐Ÿ™‚
    D would like to send a reverse polarity pulse to destroy their stuff though

    • Mate, the light thing is confusing, from when you are getting this issue?

      And sorry for the A, B, C and D, it's not really possible unless you work for cybercrime. ๐Ÿ™

  14. I have a laptop, and it has a webcam. I have never seen the led on. does that mean that nobody have ever hacked my webcam and watch me without my knowledge?

    I am concerned that the hacker can have a software that will turn the led off while recording or taking pictures of me?


  15. I have a laptop and my webcam is incorporated ..
    What if I will disable the webcam from the device manager ?
    Will it be possible to be hacked after that ?

  16. Okay, not gunna lie – ever since I saw that episode of Criminal Minds where those guys watch their victims through their laptop cam, I've been super spooked by the whole idea and I watch my cam suspiciously (as any other paranoid maniac would do too!) and then one day the light just started appearing and I didn't understand how. I spent about an hour staring at it startled, almost at the brink of tears because I was madly panicked by this idea… then it turned out that my laptop just started opening 'Dell Webcam Central' every time I turned on the laptop because I screwed around with settings… Yeah, my bad.

  17. I have bought an new sony vaio laptop but its webcam is not working at all its not even starting any help…………………………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Is there away to know if your camera was hacked? I’ve experience about 3 separate occasions where my camera just turns on and snap pictures. Luckily, I have a cover on it, so it does not have any images. But after today’s incident, I research on this and ran across your article. How can I tell if I have a malfunction or a webcam that was recently hacked? I checked the device manager and everything looks fine.

  19. I was wondering one time on me laptop the light form my cam came on and then when i notice it and look closer it turn off do you think i was hacked.

  20. These are some of the Fck*n , ah*le people who simply misuse technology and give it a bad name….I wish they never stay in peace.

  21. My webcam has been hacked several times by stalkers when I was using Windows. Now I stick with Mac and I haven’t had any problems yet (knock on wood).

    I had both malware/spyware as well as Zone alarm and antivirus but they’d still get through when using Windows. My IT guy said that it came from China and thinks that they are doing it by assembly language and stolen source code. Who knows…

    But to be safe, Mac is good to avoid those headaches.

  22. A few measures that one should take:

    Keep your anti-virus kit and spy-ware detector up to date.
    Install a firewall and configure it appropriately.
    Use free tools like “procmon” to list all the applications that are running in the background.

    Hope this helped.

  23. this is why I use a separate webcam cover.
    Its strange, that no one build in a webcam cover.
    Maybe the government says ‘NO’!?!?

  24. This is a nice article but a little incomplete. Nowdays people ar eable to spy webcams without user can even notice, since new spy programs will not turn led ons.
    .-= Darkns’s last blog…Re: Dark MegaPlayer V1 =-.

  25. Brother just forward this Article to “…..Swamiji and Ranjitha” it will be very usefull for them

  26. Hey guys,I have one quick question for you guys.Can anyone tell me,is there any possibility of watching web cam without permission and if so then what is the way of knowing that your webcam is compromised.

    Your replies in these regard will be appreciated.

  27. OMG! i was having no idea of cam hack before that. i ll b careful in using cam after reading this.

  28. Just recently i went on my webcam and normally the light is red when i am off and green when i am on but recently it is the opposite, when i am on my webcam the picture is now blurry and the light is red and there were sounds coming through my speakers which weren’t coming through from the other end.

  29. I have a Dell Inspiron Mini, and my webcam’s light is on, i convered the lens with mascara, [me Miss Paranoid lol] but the light is STILL on, i tryed to use the webcam on my msn messenger, but it said ‘it has encountered a problem and needs to close’ so i obviously cant use it on msn… I went to my dell program, and it said i need to install a useable webcam? Idk.. but im scared, 0.o

    I have malware bytes.. But it hasnt picked anything up yet [in the middle of a scan] What do io do *cry*

    • Don’t cry mate.. ! ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜€

      See.. if you have secure Internet Connection and a good anti-virus… you won’t be troubled.

      And I think by default most of the laptops have some cover for in-built webcams.

  30. Always unplug your webcam when you are not using it. Or put tape over it. Simple solutions to big problems.

  31. Well I don’t care using webcams. The reason is, I use Linux. No dumbass would think of installing some s/w or dumb script on my machine because I always can see course of that script and I just don’t d/l any useless binaries… :-p

    • Ofcourse, Linux do have viruses and keyloggers. It is possible to hijack the whole machine virtually and surf through the directories when you use out dated linux distro’s or some vulnerable distro.

      Compare to windows in security, linux really the best !

  32. I came across a website whilst doing some research that actually claims to be able to this,

    What do you guys think?

    • Hmm, see hacking webcam is not a big thing now-a-days, even a script kiddie can do it by reading a book or a tutorial in net..

      And, don’t attempt to do such things ! Hope you read above mentioned case studies ! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I would say this is a nice way to SCAM people as the title of the website itself pulls the trigger of our mind ๐Ÿ™‚

      So dont believe these things and simply use the “X” close button when you end up websites like these.

      – Robin

  33. I also have a little blue light next to my webcam. But I’ve always wondered if that can’t be hacked too?
    Always best to cover the lens, I suppose.

  34. but i,ve already deleted the virus wen my antivirus detected dere still need of downloading daemon tools?

      • thanx for the reply.i wanna ask you two questions: you hav said that keylogger is for black hat purposes..wot is that black hat purpose? antivirus program detect a virus y’day and the name was ADSPY/Adspy.gen and it was located in program files\DAEMON tools\setup DTSB.exe.
        the object was setup DTSB.exe.
        could you plz tell me that what harmful effects this virus can give?
        iam worried.plz reply me as soon as possible

        • Hey Shivani I’m very sorry !

          I forgot this comment buddy ! (I was in such a position) ๐Ÿ™

          Ok here is the answer…

          1. Black hat purposes mean breaking into computers and networks, hacking passwords and anything that is illegal in computer field.

          2. It would better to uninstall Daemon tools and reinstall it (This time download it from safe site).

          Try to delete that file manually…

          I don’t know about the side effects much ! Hope it causes normal problems.. like crashing..

          Feel free to ask any questions about this ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Thank you very much Mr. Pradeep for replying to me. if in future,i face any problem regarding my computer ill ask to you.again thanks! n all the best!.


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