3 Tried-and-Tested Strategies to Raise Brand Awareness

In the saturated market, standing out as a brand is one of the most effective ways to survive and succeed in business. Just look at Coca-Cola and Kleenex. Their brands have imprinted themselves so deeply in people’s minds and lives that people say Coke instead of soda and ask for a Kleenex instead of napkins.

Tried And Tested Strategies To Raise Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a powerful tool you can wield not only to attract and keep customers but also to become part of people’s lives. You may not reach the level of industry giants, but it pays to try to get your brand out there. That said, here are three tried-and-tested strategies to raise awareness of your brand.

Making a Lasting Impression

Packaging is more than just a box, bottle, or wrap. It’s the consumers’ first impression of your brand. You know what they say about first impressions; they last. Therefore, you must make yours count.

Whether you’re online or in a physical shop, eye-catching and effective packaging design is essential. A creative packaging design makes your product stand out and memorable. Plus, it reflects the image of your brand.

Customers also prefer good and beautiful packaging over neutral ones and unattractive ones, no doubt. 

About 61 percent of consumers say that customized packaging makes them more excited to receive their package, and 50 percent would more likely recommend an item with a branded packaging. Additionally, 44 percent admit that good packaging makes certain products worth the cost. 

In short, good packaging attracts customers, helps convince them to stay, and builds a positive image of your brand. 

Reaching Your Audience

Reaching out to your target audience has been easier and faster now with the internet. In fact, there are dozens of ways you can do to sell your products online, many of which you can implement right away. Fortunately, it’s made even more convenient by social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Instagram is an excellent platform to discover new and exciting product, say over 60 percent of online users. Around 67 percent of marketers also consider Facebook as the top platform for attracting customers. On the other hand, 54 percent of users check out, follow, or purchase from a brand after seeing on Twitter.

If you want to push your brand into the limelight, be where the people are, and build your social media presence.

Capturing Attention and Staying Relevant Using Content

With the way people consume and demand more content, creating videos, blog articles, images, and podcasts has become an essential step for any business to raise brand awareness.

Content marketing generates three times more leads while costing 62 percent more than traditional marketing. That is why it was named the most effective digital marketing technique in 2018 by marketers worldwide.

Content drives traffic and influences people’s behavior. Marketing videos are especially effective in attracting and convincing customers. 

Around 64 percent of consumers report buying an item after seeing a marketing video on Facebook. Thirty-two (32) percent of consumers watch branded videos on YouTube, and 43 percent of online users want to see more videos from marketers.

Blogging is also a priority among marketers. Digital trends this year indicate that search engines drive 300 percent more traffic to content sites. Aside from attracting more visitors to your site and expanding your following, blogging also results in a higher rate of positive ROI (return on investment).

Elevating Your Brand

In any industry, businesses will utilize every technique to be on top. Raising brand awareness has been proven to help companies thrive and succeed. With the help of the internet, reaching out to your audience and getting your brand out there have become easier, faster, and more affordable for all organizations. 

There’s no more excuse to get left behind. The strategies and tools listed above are applicable and available to everyone to elevate their brand, whether they’re a small business or an established one.

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