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How to Increase Traffic by Updating Your Blog with HTML5 Video


Maintaining your blog is an important part of your business. Whether your blog is your primary form of communication with your clients, or you are a full time blogger, finding ways to increase traffic to your site can be challenging. One way to engage your audience, while bringing in new views is to update your blog videos to HTML5!

Not only does using your blog as a marketing tool with your emails bring in new traffic, but so does having an excellent, up to date video stream! Using 4k videos, fun animations, applications, as well as other components can all be done with this newest HTML. This will keep your demographic engaged, as well as increase traffic. But how exactly can it be done?

How To Increase Traffic By Updating Your Blog With HTML5 Video

What Is HTML5?

As technology races forward, so does the quality of programing behind our everyday video feeds, websites, as well as blogs. HTML5 is the newest, most advanced version of the Hypertext Markup Language. This is basically the code that describes website pages.

In order to understand how to bring in more traffic to your site, it’s important to know what makes this programing tool special. What makes HTML5 unique is that it is basically allows you to have everything you need in a web page without having to include browser plugins.

HTML5 can do all of the following:

  • Animation
  • Create apps
  • Play music
  • Play movies
  • Build applications within browsers
  • Run on practically any platform
  • Run websites offline
  • Tell websites your location
  • Handle high-quality video, as well as graphics

When it comes to the latest and greatest coding for your blog’s videos, HTML5 is the way to go. All in all, it’s a good way to be certain that your web pages can do almost anything your clients, customers, as well as potential readers want it to do!

Is It Easy to Use?

In addition to offering a lot of different tools within a browser, on lots of different platforms, it needs to be easy to use. Not all of us are software engineers, or programing gurus! By finding online classes you can teach yourself how to update your website’s video in no time.

asy to use

Not only that, but you can also look into making an investment! Whether you choose to hire someone, take advantage of easy to use tools like liquivid video to HTML5, or even pay for a course, investing in your blog can lead to so much more traffic!

How Will HTML5 Make My Blog Look Better?

Not only can updating your programing lead to more likes and comments, but also increase traffic to your blog. By using newer versions of video players, music players, animations, as well as things like applications, you’re able to interact with a much broader audience.

All things considered, being able to have more up to date videos, visuals, and graphics will make your blog so much better! No one wants to share a blog post with an out of date video, or click on an affiliate link from a hideous website. Not to mention a site lacking any interactive visuals! By updating to this programing language, you’re setting yourself up for success, as well as setting up a new style.

Along those same lines, HTML5 is compatible with basically every platform available. Meaning your blog’s videos can be seen nearly anywhere. From tablets to smartphones, from browsers, as well as smartwatches, your blog’s videos can be compatible with all sorts of newer platforms! Because of your new, updated coding, your blog will look great no matter what platform it’s on.

log traffic

How Can Videos Get More Traffic to My Blog?

In addition to adding some quality visual updates, this new coding language can also generate more interaction with your blog. Whether your audience is clicking to hear the music you’ve recommended, or watching your creative video tutorials, your audience will be further engaged with your site. Not to mention, they are more likely to SHARE those interactive components.

You can also be more engaging on other platforms as well. Because you can share the videos you’ve posted to your blog on social media, you can bring in more views to your site! Not to mention through apps, browsers, and other outlets that are compatible with HTML5 video.

All in all, having a better looking blog with more interactive features will help generate more views, and more business! In addition to updating to HTML5 coding, you can upgrade the amount of people who visit your awesome blog!

Upgrading to HTML5 Video to Increase Traffic to Your Blog!

Increasing traffic to your blog can be easy, as well as fun, by simply upgrading to HTML5 videos. In addition to adding more interactive elements, upgrading your coding will certainly bring in new viewers! Not to mention making your blog look amazing. Take your blog to the latest version of HTML5, and you’ll be taking your traffic to new heights!


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