6 Essential Tips For Writing A Good Press Release

Writing by nature is a skill that can be learned, and so writing a killer press release is an art that can be learned as well. When do you want to write a killer press release? When you have a cover story or sensational report news or when you want heads to turn towards a cause.

Whatever the reason be sure to follow these simple tricks, tips, and techniques that can make you write well, really well enough to make your press release unsurpassed. Here are some of the essential steps that need to be taken care of while writing a press release.

If you are not aware of Press Releases, check the definition,

“A press release, news release, media release, press statement or video release is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something claimed as having news value. (via Wikipedia)”

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Press Release Tips

1. Create An Entrance For The Audience

The best way to keep your audience grasped into your press release is to develop a great entrance that will make them engaged and encouraged to read the entire press release. But, this is not an easy job, you need to find a hook or a key that will open doors for writing some interesting piece of information, for example, “From now onwards, you will be…Blah…blah…” but never answer the questions “how?” or “why?” till the end or until the penultimate paragraph is reached.
In short, a hook should answer these questions in your initial paragraphs, who, what, when, why and where, without giving away all the information in the first paragraph of the press release.

2. Write a Good Headline That Turns To Be Great

When you are writing a headline for the entire segment, say press release distribution newswire, then write a good headline, which in turn will turn out to be a great headline with your readers. Some of the key elements that will leave your reader’s enthralled are as follows:

a. Have a concept, and write around the concept and see to that you are not vague about the central idea of your killer press release. Do not drift to other ideas that are not linked to this central idea.

b. Be creative – write a catchy and eye grasping title that will make the reader inquisitive to read further. Usually these statements will end as a question or with some other intonation of surprise or exclamation.

c. Test the headline for search engine optimization – write, write and rewrite until you get the key headline that will make your head first to come back again in self-admiration. When you are done with this, move ahead!

3. Do not use jargon

Jargon are too techy terms that will reduce the interest amongst the non-technical audiences. The amount of jargon that you will use will depend on the type and kind of audience that you are targeting. Try alternative simple terms and not definitions.

4. Cite The Resources

At the end of the press release, link the press release to the source, which is much appreciated as the link will be the first hand information. Other thinks that you can cite or give a credit will include other additions like photos and videos.

5. Proof Read

Well, even the greatest of the great writers makes mistakes, which could be grammar, sentence structure and spelling mistakes. The only way to avoid this is to proof read once or twice by you and someone else before submitting.

6. Use Subheads

Adding a number of subheads to the press release are one of the useful and powerful ways that can keep you and your readers engaged, and is the key for those who skim and scan the article before reading in depth. This is the most important key like the headline that has the capacity to market your press release and your writing.

Hope this article will help you on improving your ability to write interesting and awesome press releases.

This article is written by Praveen Sivaraman. He is the Editor-in-Chief and CEO of Techperk.

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  1. Hello Praveen,

    I have never tried press release earlier but heard that it will bring a lot of inbound links. Have you tried a paid press release or free one? Which press release sites do you really prefer and why?

  2. Hi Praveen, you did a very good job on here. It’s one of the useful tips for the content writer and most of the content writer will get benefit from your article. Thanks a lot for sharing your worth full tips on here.

  3. I think it is the quality of a good press release that it persuades the media persons to highlight the content in their magazines or newspapers

  4. i think press release should be concise and should contain the message briefly exactly what the person wants to express through his interview

  5. Really Nice Post Praveen…Press Release is a good way to grab audience to your online business or product…

  6. I have occasionally heard about press release but I had no idea what really it is but after reading your post, I’m able to understand what really it is and how much importance it has.

  7. Also statements from participating parties underlining the positive aspects in personal words are a nice add-on to successful press releases which get distributed to the media.


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