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3 Tips To Write Effective Web Content


If you ask any reputed blogger, he will surely say Content is the King (Design is the Queen maybe! πŸ˜› ). Content is important for blogs. Writing an effective content for the websites is a challenging task as generally the online readers wish to take a quick peek into the content and not really spend hours on it like reading a novel or a paper. Hence, it becomes all the more important for the writer to create content that it is intriguing and sharing some useful information. There are quite few trademarks of a good content that can engage the reader’s attention for longer time. Use of appropriate keywords, powerful Call To Action, Unique Spelling Proposition, organized and concise content formatted in an appealing way are just a few the characteristics of good content.

First of all give the summary of the information on the top of the page itself as the internet readers are quite impatient. A summary enables them to decide if it is worth to read on the content further or not.

Secondly, make your point in a concise form as the internet readers need to go through lot of content. The content needs to be concise and to the point so that it can retain the interest of the reader.

Thirdly, making use of heading and sub-headings can be a lot more helpful. The heading must be such that it invites the reader to read the content, while the sub-heading provides a clear line of moment of the topic from step by step.

Making bullets in the content is yet another successful way to get the internet reader reading your content. It makes the content easy to read and also appear to be concise and to the point. It is method that is easy to navigate and the reader also can gain the information shared in it very easily.

One important thing to bear in mind is that not all people know English exceptionally well; therefore, use the language that is difficult to understand will put off your readers. Keep the language as lucid and simple as possible. Avoiding jargons is a must unless the topic is too technical and really requires you to use jargons. Better content with attractive graphics will play important role, such design can easily get from experienced web designer from India at competitive rate.

Short paragraphs can be really the biggest booster for the readers as they make the content look smaller and easy to read. Short sentences are easy to follow and hence, the reader can skim and scan the details with ease.

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      • David

        I never remember to summarize my articles at the top. Instead, I just begin typing and whatever happens, happens. It makes for some really strange posts, sometimes.

        As for many people not reading English, another tip is to not use a bunch of contractions. Most non-English languages *don’t* use contractions, so they will only be annoying to readers who have to look them up.

      • Nichole Weathers

        Great tips! I think the headings and bolding them makes a big difference, as it catches the eye. Also breaking up the paraghraphs, as noone wants to read 1000 words in one huge block, all squished together (at least I don’t!) =D

      • sudharsan @ technoskillonline

        very usefull for a newbie like me..

        thanks for sharing
        .-= sudharsan @ technoskillonline’s last blog…Win Dell Inspiron Laptop Free – Sizlopedia Contest =-.

      • Dev | Technshare

        thanks for sharing this great post.dude..
        .-= Dev | Technshare's last blog…<a href="">8 Tips to Increase your Google Page Rank</a> =-.

      • Sandeep Singh

        I know pradeep this was the first thing you told me to develope ma site

      • Indian Web Designers


        I read you blog and its a very useful tips for content writers from seo point of view content is a king so all major search engines giving more priority to unique content in search results.

        Thanks for sharing useful tips.

      • IFA Marketing

        These are really nice tips. And it will surely help us to improve. I am looking forward to similar content. Keep posting.

      • Rathan

        Nice article with lots of valuable points in it….

      • bobit

        very simple and useful article
        i will take care these things in coming content writings

      • Army Ration Packs

        Implementing these simple tips in writing any type of content will always enhance its value and increase more its fan traffic.

      • A Web Design Company India

        A very nice article. very useful for writers and it will really help me to improve my contents for my company website. I specially like the 3rd part where you have mentioned to use the headings and sub headings which I never do but from now I will surely take care of it. Thanks again for the nice tips.

      • chester

        Bullet points, references, crediting the research you’re writing about. Good article. We like to inform by using stats and proof. Substance with style.

      • SEO Company Outsourcing

        All r writing pretty basic things for writing effective web content.. but i think you should include some advance tips for users who are using internet since long. article could be great if you include tips with more elaboration. like you didn’t mention subtitle in this article it self like quick tips for writing effective content.

      • Web Development Dubai

        Hi Buddy!!!

        Is this only a method to develop the content good or any other??? this is very nice … byee…

      • Web Development Chennai

        Hi Buddy!!!

        you told about a Good Content Developer’s Work Very nice.. Thanks For sharing… byeee…

      • Loans buzz

        writting a unique and quality content drives huge new traffic daily from search engines to blog/website.

      • Enk.

        Cool Post. I write articles very rarely but I’ve always concentrated on way of writing and formatting the article. I also wrote a couple of posts for better article writing in my early days of Blogging.
        Once again, nice post.
        and a Happy New Year ! πŸ™‚

      • Senthil Ramesh

        Writing quality articles has become scarce nowadays and I can see most of the peoples just rewriting. May be these can help those people.

      • Jones

        Very much said and rich in information regarding effective web content. Realizing and externalizing every thing that you’ve wrote here in your post. Really great point you have here.

        I’ll take note of these things.

      • chandan

        Thank you for sharing some nice tips on how to write article, If we want to write article for SEO, then it is helpful to use keyword on the title. I see that when I use keyword on title on my blog post I get good traffic from search engine.

      • vivek

        Precise and very informative.A must read for newbie bloggers.

      • Deepika

        All three points are perfect…

        We should take extra time for framing first paragraph, because through that only readers decide whether to continue reading the article or move to another…Next title of the post.. It should be unique and attractive…

        Thanks for sharing the tips friend πŸ˜€

      • Amit Banerjee

        Most importantly … we should write for the “user”. Some bloggers think of keywords, seo and do not bother about keeping things simple. This makes the content complicated and difficult to understand. If you write for the “user” everything will follow of course.

      • Ching Ya

        Simple yet important tips to follow. Nice one there! So I’m guessing the exam period is over for you, Pradeep? Wish you success in the coming year either in blogging or studies. Best wishes!

        Keep up the good writing!

        Social/Blogging Tracker

      • sriganesh

        ok i agree with this points, but sam , in my recent post i mentioned many friends link and in the comment form ” the bullet list looks weird and all over the place ?? , first i thought to make it as a paragraph, but list twill be good, but some ppl wont like it πŸ™ ??

      • Tech-Freak Stuff

        Pretty clean Stuff! It becomes difficult to read content with a lot of cluttered content without paragraphs and Headings.

        But sometimes a story-like content appears good with Paragraphs and Headings are not needed there.

      • babloo

        HI Buddy… Really i got some ethic about Article writing about website design & Web Development… Thank for your sharing.


      • Ruchi

        Excellent Article internet readers are quite impatient and i am one of them, and you made a good point that heading and subheading should be perfect otherwise you will lose the reader there only.

      • Sunil Jain

        Hey Jacob πŸ™‚
        I liked the content which you have written but not the post style , as you have
        told to use bulletin points , but you have only not used any bulletin points in your post , It’s OK one thing i liked was the teaser of the 1st paragraph which you have written πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        Tip : Not only Practice , but Mistakes also makes Man/Woman Perfect πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
        Am i wright ??? πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

        • josh

          Dear sunil,
          i really appreciate your feedback and suggestion. I would like to convey one message to all the readers that the points which are included in the articles are not compulsory.

          See, the writing stile need to be re-frame according to subject and topic you are covering. I have included generalized points, now it is upto you that how many points you are following in your writing style.


        • S.Pradeep Kumar

          Yup! Well said… πŸ˜€

      • Hesham @ FamousBloggers

        Very nice tips, it’s pleasure to read and learn from your articles and ways of blogging!

        • josh

          thanks for the feedback, we looking forward to your active participation. this will help me to write the article on the topics you looking for.

      • Dinesh

        Grab your copy of Ninja Affiliate Plugin

      • Fatin Pauzi

        Hye, Pradeep. Another great tips from you. Congratulations. I always practice those tips to make sure readers keep coming to my blog. πŸ™‚ I believe they don’t want to read unimportant words. They just want to know the important point and a little explanation is more than enough. πŸ˜‰

      • Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats

        an attractive title and the first paragraph plays a vital role in making readers attract towards the articles.. Another nice post from u dude…,

      • MostlyBlog

        Good post this three point is really good

      • Sriraj

        ….At the same time, Jacob, I also wouldn’t like to see the introduction being a copy paste of a random paragraph in the article.
        In this post, when I first read the article, I thought it was an error seeing the first 3 lines twice.

      • Front Row Tickets

        Thanks, these are 3 great tips to follow! Another is to give users actionable items to follow at the end of the article.

      • Sanjeev

        Again a nice article from your side. First paragraph of any post decides whether he visitor is going to read the full content…I agree with your points bro.

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