Sites That Pay You To Write Reviews [Paid/Sponsored Posts]

HBB’s first income source was a ‘sponsored review’. We got $20 (during 2009) for featuring a product (a software I guess) on our blog. It was a surprise for me, and I realized the concept of ‘paid blogging.’ Blogging is currently the most powerful medium to advertise something I guess; it’s permanent, and it can easily become viral.

In this article, we mentioned some of the best paid review sites we have personally used. You’ll be connected with relevant brands and advertisers. I always believe Blogging should be unbiased and should be targeted. If you are running a blog about ‘Gadgets’, then kindly don’t publish a sponsored post/review about a ‘Fashion’ product just because the brand is paying you good money. I’m sure $ matters a lot in Blogging, but you have plenty of ways to monetize by building a proper brand.

Note: Google is strictly against paid links or any unnatural links, so regardless of whether you are getting paid or not, it’s wise to be natural and unbiased in your reviews/articles. Write the post as if you are not getting paid for it, be honest.

Sites That Pay You To Write Reviews [Paid/Sponsored]

Most of the websites mentioned in this list accept PayPal for transferring money, so if you don’t have one, you can sign up and get one. Some of them pay you per post, or some of them might have minimum payout (like $50 or $100).


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1. FameBit


2. SeedingUp


3. BlogExpose


4. GetReviewed


5. LinkVehicle


6. Blogmint


7. SponsoredReviews


8. Matomy SEO

Matomy SEO

9. IZEA (or PayPerPost / SocialSpark)


If you are not interested in writing paid reviews, then these websites also have affiliate programs, so you can just sign up and refer other Bloggers who might be interested in this.

If you know any other popular and trusted sites that pay you for writing reviews, then kindly let us know in the comments below, we’ll be happy to update this list accordingly.

174 thoughts on “Sites That Pay You To Write Reviews [Paid/Sponsored Posts]”

  1. Thanks for the awesome resources Pradeep.

    I have use review stream till now and not earning as per expectation, they reject most of your review without any reason.

    I will try all other mention option and will see which one work best for me.

  2. I have a blog on tech & reviews niche. I recently released that. can you suggest me a service through that i can earn some money after writing reviews?

  3. Fantastic list!

    I’ve my favorite sites that I use to get freelance assignments. Plus, I’ve my clients.
    But it’s always good to discover new resources and places to look for more job opportunities.

    Thanks for the share, Pradeep! πŸ™‚

  4. the fore-most way is to work at high frequency to built reputation on nay of such networks. the number of blogs or reviews approved always depends upon the number you have submitted! So just set to work and increase your frequency.

  5. Handy collection of sites to write posts and get paid. Am going to take a PDF version of your article and use it for reference thank you.

  6. These is great peace of information for other monetization strategies apart from adsense and other ad networks.

  7. Writing for cash has become great source of generating passive income online but sometimes you can get really piss off because of the job owners choice. So the best thing to do is to set up a blog and write for yourself while you look for traffic and end it with monitization which can fetch you a steady income. More also these type of paid to write website can debase your page rank.

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  9. Used to use ReviewStream, but they keep dropping per-review pay. It dropped from $2.50 to $1.50 in my time there. Pity.

  10. I did’nt even know that there are so many websites paying you for writing reviews!
    thanks for the awesome research work

  11. Thanks for sharing the useful information. I think giving honest opinions while writing a review is very important

  12. Man, this list is comprehensive. I’m a web content writer myself – and this list can keep me busy for days to come!

    Damn good website, this one. Looking forward for more posts that can help me take my business to the next level! πŸ™‚

    Content Writing India

  13. Really Author have worked hard to complete this list of Websites those pay for Articles.
    It is a gold-mine for those want to write paid articles.

  14. Wow..My finger got tired of scrolling this screen…So many comments.
    U deserve that, Great post man.
    Keep it up

  15. I don't want to publish posts for reviews, etc, but I'd be okay with placing some LINKS only in return of money. PayPerPost helps with that… what about others? I'd not like to waste time joining a site and then come to know it only asks for review posts.

      • Now, even I ain’t much of an Oxford-English-Dictionary guy but all I can tell you is if the post would have been about 1 website then the title should have been :

        “1 Site That Pays You To Write Reviews”

        but if suppose it was about 2 websites then it should have been

        “2 Sites That Pay You To Write Reviews”

        When we are talking about one single thing then we use a verb which has an “s” at the end of it. While talking about multiple things, we use the verb as it is, without “s”. You can take my word on that. I’m positive.

  16. Almost all the websites are common but some are not. The websites definitely offer something that will benefit you.

  17. Hey Pradeep, this list is a very old one. Try to update the list bro. And please mention whether these review sites are paying users at time.

  18. You must add Associated Content (AC) also in the list. They have good payouts and always pay on time.

  19. Lately, i’m using 2 pay review site, and they have good payment, and i’ll try other site that you have listed, thank you.

  20. Do you have proof that this site is paying. Just wanted to know because I want to try it for some extra cash. thanks

  21. Definitely I would like to write the reviews for those site and as u said i hope those site will payout some good amount…..Nice information shared with us…


  22. Definitely I would like to write the reviews for those site and as u said i hope those site will payout some good amount…..Nice information shared with us…

    jacob lee

  23. woh!!! all this info is true,,,, amazing,,, need to work on this,, thanks for the info pradeep ,, πŸ™‚

    • These sites not only have to think about the publishers, but also the advertiser. So it’s understood bro, they won’t accept low PR sites.

  24. I'd worked with several paid post company before and earned a few bucks from there. After I knew that Google would penalized people who did it, and I just stopped doing it. Right now, I'm doing quite well with pay per click program such as Google Adsense, as well as selling banner ads.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing these paid post company.


  25. Good list. I’m still confused about using these sponsored reviews, whether to use it or not. When i try to use it, i gets a wrong feeling that i’m cheating my friends or i’m lying just for the sake of money. That;s why i stay away from them. Still i’m not against this, because it’s the most beneficial kind of advertising for both the advertiser and the blogger.

    .-= Rajeel’s last blog…Download more with BSNL Night unlimited Broadband plans [How to] =-.

  26. Update a few things Pradeep, like doesnt pay even after you reach your threshold so strike them out of your list (if you wish). You should Google and see what frauds they are, even cheated me of my $$$ and when you try to contact them they deactivate your account and send malicious codes to your site (through the code we install of theirs!).. just imagine, but luckily i had solved that problem sometime ago after coz social spark warned me! they even threatened my mom blogger friends who wrote against them! such cowards too..

    The Threshold amt for is now $50, earlier it was $20.. πŸ™‚
    .-= Nisha’s last blog…The day the building on park street set ablaze =-.

    • I will suggest you the first five services, I have tried the first 2, but the others have nice names πŸ˜‰

  27. i like payperpost very much…
    .-= sudharsan @ technoskillonline’s last blog…Win Dell Inspiron Laptop Free – Sizlopedia Contest =-.

  28. Nice List. So which of these have you used @ Pradeep??
    .-= NpXp’s last blog…5 Best Free WordPress Themes Website =-.

  29. a nice search dude……….. i think it helps for all the bloggers who want to write reviews
    .-= Ram kumar’s last blog…Top Ten Tips to Improve System Speed =-.

  30. Wow πŸ˜€ excellent list of much needed portals for helping blog make a living πŸ˜€ I have started looking forward to this list one by one .. !

  31. SocialSpark isn’t accepting my blog. I was thinking there won’t be many like SocialSpark. Now, thanks to you, I have such a huge list to try. πŸ™‚

  32. This is another reason why I’m glad to be a part of the Blog Engage community, I don’t think I would have found you otherwise. You’ve loaded me with some wealthy information here, I’m definitely going to share this post with others. I’m paying it forward.

  33. Thanks alot for such a list, you put a lot of effort in researching it , i am register to few of them but not all.
    Will give it a try.

  34. Nice collection buddy. There are lot many ways to generate revenue thru a blog and this one is really worth if the product for review is of same niche.

  35. I joined three of the 20+ sites you listed. Sometimes I decline some offers because it’s not appropriate for my blog. I may try the other sites on the list.

  36. Huge list.. altho I might not consider sponsor posting but they will be handy sometimes.. great blog and comprehensive list πŸ™‚

  37. these day i am seeing collection of sites on various niche in you blog.. Thanks for the research dude.. It helps me in reducing my work of research.. πŸ™‚

  38. One of my friend asked about review sites… I just forwarded this post… My friend was happy this… Once again thanks..

  39. The sponsored review market has actually gone downhill. Most good companies have backed out and now these sites are filled with cheap offers which are more interested in a link back (than an honest review).

  40. Its such a long time I have made my Impression here! Feels great. Anyways, I haven’t yet written a single paid post till date, but these resources tempt me to make some money writing reviews!

    • Ha ha.. yeah bro.. glad to cya here… ! Hope you did your examz well.. πŸ˜€

      And, yes, happy this article triggered to make some bucks.. but choose the site and product wisely.. πŸ™‚

  41. Nice article, I think this is really that helpful to most bloggers. But I think that if your blog is good enough, there are only two paid review sites you will need, they are and, the others are useless.

  42. I think you have worked a lot to get this exhaustive list. By the way, have you done any such reviews? Which one of these have you been using?

  43. its a really good list, contains all the major players in the paid review market, however, i must mention that google dosenot really likes paid posts, so any new blogger who wants to earn a quick buck from these, i would say that you will earn the money all right, maybe more than you expected to earn in the first place, but in the process you will also kill your blog… so proceed with caution πŸ™‚

    also, here’s a few tips to get into these, if you must…

    1) make sure to post atleast 20 posts in the last 2 weeks or so when you apply, regularly updated blogs get an advantage in getting into these networks…

    2) page rank of 3+ the more it is, the more you will earn, and a good alexa rank, will allow you to get into these quick, and you will also get more high paying review opportunities πŸ™‚

    3) do not put any banners of these on the sidebar of your blog, else the others won’t take you in…

  44. First, Google doesn’t like paid reviews. It can easily identify which one’s a paid review and which one is not (simultaneous backlinks to the review requester almost at the same time from many blogs could be the clue)
    Second, most of the above program offer X rated opportunities or something that is not allowed if you are using Ad programs like Adsense. So, you’ll be risking your account.
    Third, you could only be successful in this if you have a blog with at least a PR of 4 and above (PR 2 and 3 are ok too)

    • Oops. I guess you gave me a disclaimer bro.. πŸ™‚

      I agree with all the 3 points.. valid pts..

      But, many people prefer to write paid reviews (they ditch Google).. since it gives them instant huge payment.. and it is also possible to get good reviews! πŸ˜€

    • I agree. I already have mentioned this. There are some other ways like freelancing sites where you can earn by posting reviews, there will be no problem.

  45. Hey Pradeep πŸ™‚
    i would like to add one more site => It is an social network for all the bloggers where in bloggers can connect to each other and promote each others product through various ways like PPC , CPA
    There are also advertisers who keep a track on your blog and submit their product for review through sponsored posts if they are happy with your blog stats πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • Pradeep, I must tell you, PayPerPost and this type of services are very harmful to PageRank.
        There are lot of example where people loose their PR due to participating in these services. Reason behind this is :

        *You have to register your website in their database and you also have to insert a code in your page.

        *Google don’t LIKE these PPP sites, and when it finds the code in your page, it will give you negative points, thus you loose PR.


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