The Emerging Growth Of Smartphone Users, Thanks To 4G Technology.

Capabilities Of Our Smartphones These Days

These are the days where we use our mobiles for each and everything. Lost your way? You have apps for almost everything and with that smartphones plays a vital role in our life these days. We are so obsessed with our mobile phones.

Now as these smartphones have made our life easy and simple, everybody is looking for a good smartphone. So now there are tons and tons of devices available out there and now you might be thinking which one should I go for? Almost all the leading smartphones these days have 4G technology and it has been a ‘mandatory’ feature for some. Who hates fast interest? You can find all the latest 4G smartphones on Flipkart and get them according to your preference.

Some of you might be looking for a mobile with great front camera, and some want the best performance out of it. So now let’s get started, I will now be talking about the best devices with great specifications and value for your buck as well.

Capabilities Of Our Smartphones These Days

Budget Price + Powerful Performance

Motorola indeed surprised us with Moto X Play. Why? Honestly I didn’t expect them to have 21 MP with such a budget price. This is indeed a dream for us, owning a Stock Android smartphone + a 21 MP camera. It gives us a premium feel for such a low price. Awesome isn’t it? It has a great battery life and a 5.5-inch screen. You can watch HD quality videos on your smartphone without worrying about battery life. If you are worried about storage, then don’t worry, they got expandable storage up to 128 GB.

Selfie Addict?

My first smartphone doesn’t even a front camera, but now people use both the front and rear camera equally everyday. Selfie is almost a standard word now, thanks to smartphones. Brands like Asus decided to invest their time to provide awesome image qualities for selfies, with the help of their 13 MB camera. They have a 5.5-inch screen + Dual SIM feature as well. I prefer this phone very much for taking selfies.

Not just these, let it be anything, say a gaming smartphone? Best dual SIM smartphone? All of them are available on Flipkart with best prices. If you have any old smartphones then you can also exchange them to get new ones.


Whatever be your requirement I’m sure you’ll find a smartphone according to that. If you use your mobile for mobile photography, then you have a perfect smartphone for that. If you use your mobile regularly for phone calls and heavy usage, then you have plenty of smartphones with huge battery life and dual SIM feature. Smartphone manufacturers analysed us and provided smartphones according to our needs. You can easily get any of your desired smartphones online, thanks to mobile shopping and fast internet. Flipkart, being India’s most favourite shopping destination, will be the top preference for getting all the desirable smartphones.

2 thoughts on “The Emerging Growth Of Smartphone Users, Thanks To 4G Technology.”

  1. Hi,

    As our population is increasing so as smartphones. As there is a lot of competition between every mobile seller people have to use technology whether its LTE or 4G.

    Faster the service the more faster you can promote in social media. I prefer 4G air tel.

  2. I have checked and the Asus ZenFone does have 13MP camera, which seems to be great for taking photos and selfies. Yes, selfie is like the most used term for at least over an year now and at every party, we end up taking selfies… I would be checking out Flipkart for my next upgrade too, thanks for the share.


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