5 Strategies To Quickly Grow A Highly Responsive Email List That Makes Money

Are you looking for proven ways to grow your email list without increasing your website traffic?

Want to know few insider strategies to quickly grow an email list? If yes, you’re in the right place.

We all know money is in the list. But first, we’ll talk about 2 simple reasons you need an email list no matter what your niche is.

1. When someone subscribes to your blog, they are giving you permission to do whatever you want. You can either spam them or educate them about your products or services to increase sales. This “direct marketing” often helps you increase sales by helping others.

2. Email list gives you the ability to send direct traffic. Want to launch a new blog? Just send an email to your list and they will directly land on your new blog (if they are interested). The bottom line is, you control the traffic, not Google or Twitter.

I hope, the above two reasons are enough to convince anyone to start building an email list. If you are struggling to grow your list, look no further. In this detailed guide, I’m going to share you 5 effective strategies to quickly boost your email subscribers. Let’s jump into the details.

Strategies To Grow A Highly Responsive Email List

1. Give your email list #1 focus

Ask anyone to share their #1 tip who has got over 10,000 email subscribers and majority of them will say this: “focus”. Followed by “Once I realized the importance of building an email list, my main focus was growing it”.

If you want to quickly grow a highly responsive email list that makes money, make sure to do the same. “Focus on your email list”.

How? I’ve a simple (free) recommendation to stay focused while growing your email list.

List Goal is a free chrome extension developed by Bryan Harris from Videofruit. It helps you focus on reaching your daily goal of email subscribers.

Here’s how it looks like:

List Goal Email Extension

Here’s how List Goal works.

1. Pick the number of email subscribers you want in next 60 days (like, getting 2000 new subscribers in next 60 days).

2. Every time you open a new tab in your browser, List Goal shows you email list building goals (daily and overall).

3. You will get email list building strategies every Friday to make you more productive while growing your list.

In a nutshell, List Goal helps you focus only on ONE thing: that is your email list. Every time you open a tab – BOOM, you will see your daily progress of your list. It works like a charm, try it once.

2. Quickly grow your leads through “content upgrades”

Grow leads through content upgrades

Did you know the simplest yet fastest way to grow your email list is through upgrading your content with targeted opt-in forms?

Content upgrades are almost everywhere now and you’ve probably seen them in action on few blogs.

Within a blog post, you’re suddenly asked to download a bonus (video, checklist, pdf etc) that is extremely relevant to the post you’re reading.

So how you can make the most out of content upgrades?

Most bloggers create content upgrades only for their top 5 to 10 posts (you can find out your most popular posts using Google Analytics). They generally offer a bonus such as a checklist or video that is relevant to their popular posts.

If you want to quickly grow your leads, make sure to spend time on creating a lead magnet for every post you publish. This often gives you “targeted leads” who are interested in specific bonuses. This way your blog posts work as “lead magnets” that will help you quickly boost your email subscribers.

Pro Tip: If you want to get the most out of content upgrade strategy to boost your email list, you have to consistently write in-depth articles. People should see you as an expert just by going through your posts. Normal 500 to 600 word articles won’t give you an edge if you want to try content upgrades.

3. Start using Exit Intent popups

If you are blogging for a while, you already know how effective popups are.

The only bad part about the popups is they often irritate your blog audience. They suddenly appear when they are skimming through your sites and most people simply abandon your site instead of signing up for your email list.

Here comes to the “Exit Intent” technology that solves this problem.

Exit intent popups will appear only when someone leaves your website.

They are already leaving your site, then why not give them some incentive to subscribe to your blog? If you have attractive freebies on your site, you can easily turn most of your abandoned visitors into email subscribers. The great part? You are not irritating your existing readers.

Start using Exit Intent popups

Neil Patel was able to generate a 46% increase in contact requests just by implementing this strategy on NeilPatel.com. That shows exit intent popups convert like crazy!

Here’s how you can use exit intent technology on your blog to turn abandoned visitors into subscribers.

Using OptinMonster. This is a WordPress plugin that is widely used and allows you to convert abandoning website visitors into email subscribers instantly. It has a variety of appealing opt-in forms that are designed to convert better.

You can also try OptiMonk which is a free WP plugin that helps you do the same. Or if you are already using LeadPages, you can show exit-intent popups pretty easily from your LeadPages account. I also recommend you to start using a better email marketing software to grow your list.

4. Create a high converting landing page

Want to squeeze more value out of your current website traffic?

Start using landing pages. Landing pages are golden and essential for every blog that has an email list.

If you generally see 5% conversion rates (5 people out of 100) on your email list, you can see a massive growth of up to 20% conversion rates just by turning your homepage into a landing page.

But here’s the important thing to remember while creating landing pages: give only one option i.e to subscribe. Don’t show too many links or options, it will only kill your conversion rates.

In online, “if you give them too many options, they choose nothing”. So focus on just ONE call to action and it will help you dramatically boost your conversion rates.

Here are few effective ideas on creating landing pages that always convert like crazy.

  • Use your own images on landing pages if you are offering online courses or one on one coaching to your blog audience. Personalization acts as a conversion booster. It works like a charm.
  • Create scannable landing pages that are easy to read and understand.
  • Keep your call to action short and concise. Also perform A/B split testing into your landing pages to find out what type of copy converts better. You can use KISSMetrics for this.
  • Indicate urgency while creating landing pages. “Only 140 spots left” – gives your blog audience a reason to act immediately.
  • Showcase benefits on your landing pages. Tell your blog audience clearly what they can get. Deliver what you promise. And always keep testing to see better results.

If you are wondering how you can create landing pages, here are few recommendations.

OptimizePress: One of the best options available in the market right now is OptimizePress. You can get it for $97 (one-time payment) and create unlimited landing pages on your sites. They also offer you over 30 appealing templates that are designed to increase your conversion rates.

: Quite impressive tool to easily create stunning landing pages with ease. Basic package starts at $29/month where you can create unlimited landing pages with easy A/B testing. A great alternative to OptimizePress.

Unbounce: Although quite expensive (starting at $99 per month) but helps you create the highest converting landing pages just in minutes. They also have a great blog that discusses how to create landing pages that convert. They offer a 30-day free trial to all the users.

So what are you waiting for? Start building landing pages to grow your email list quickly.

5. Harness the power of influential marketing

Imagine Tim Ferriss tweeting about your blog. It’s easier and faster to grow your email list when an influencer mentions you.

Influence is everything online.

Want to quickly grow your blog or email list? Get an influencer to tweet about you. In no time, you will see unbelievable results.

But the problem is no one is going to help you if you are a random guy on the Internet.

You have to either create viral buzz or build strong relationships with the influential bloggers to build a thriving online network. Here are few simple strategies you can use to connect with the busiest bloggers or marketers on the Internet.

  • Sending personal emails is the quickest way to connect with anyone. Just make sure you are not seeking any help. Instead, spend time on offering them free help. Find out how you can help the most influential bloggers in your industry. Offer it for free and it can do the trick.
  • Attend live webinars. This is another great strategy because webinars are becoming popular these days. Ask them questions, leave comments and participate in the live discussions on webinar to grab their attention.
  • Attend live seminars or events if they are happening at your places. After all, connecting with others personally is the easiest way to quickly build a solid connection. Find out the top earning bloggers in your industry and find out ways to help them.
  • Leave meaningful and inspiring comments on their blogs. Ask questions or add value to the posts with your comments. This not only helps you build a strong relationship with the blog author but also increases your blog traffic.

Final Thoughts on Growing a Hungry Email List

Email marketing is the most cost-effective marketing strategy to grow your traffic and sales. At an average, every email subscriber brings you $40 on every dollar you spend. That’s a great ROI, right?

Email marketing beats everything from social media to search engines. So if you are not already building an email list, start doing it from today. You can give a try to best email marketing software such as AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse etc. They are all cost effective but offer amazing features from A/B split testing to giving you mobile responsive opt-in forms.

Stop looking for excuses and start growing your email list as soon as possible to reap the best benefits. Just make sure to engage with your subscribers once you collect their emails. Educate about the products or services you offer on your blog to grow your overall sales.

So what are your thoughts on the post? Do you have any more tips and strategies to grow an email list really faster? I’d like to know your views on this, please share them in the comments.

3 thoughts on “5 Strategies To Quickly Grow A Highly Responsive Email List That Makes Money”

  1. Thanks for sharing this article. I was really in need of a strategy blog on E-mail List. I am finding it a lot more complicated as it seems to be.

  2. Hi Anil,
    I am new to blogging. May I know what is the difference between collecting email list and growing subscriber.
    Since when I give pop up for just collecting email ( just record emails), the rate of collection increases significantly. However When I give pop up to subscribe ( record name, email and confirm subscription), the rate decreases.
    So collecting is easy and confirming them to subscribe is difficult.

    Can you please explain which one should I go for.

    Thank you in Advance.

    • Hi Harish Negi, welcome to Blogging. 🙂

      The difference between collecting email list and growing subscribers entirely depends on what you are about to do bro, like, whether you are trying to sell something to do them, or make them read your blog posts. It kinda varies.

      Growing subscribers will help you in the long run.


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