Tackle the basics of maths with the class 9 maths ncert solutions

Mathematics is one of the most important factors of the universe. It is very important for an individual to know the concepts of mathematics. Educational premises make sure that each and every student knows the basic concepts of maths.

Tackle The Basics Of Maths With The Class 9 Maths Ncert Solutions

Talking about 9th class, CBSE boards look forward to setting a syllabus for a long term benefit. Class 9 Maths is often considered as a pillar prior to the board exams. A Leading Ed-Tech Vedantu Class 9 Maths solutions are preferred by students as they are available for free of cost downloadable in a pdf format.

Number System

Before deep dive into anything, it is very important to know the basics of that subject. A similar thing goes with the education system also. The first chapter of class 9 maths is all about the general methodology and terminology of maths.


Polynomials are expressions which consist of both variables and consonants. Algebra plays a significant role in the upcoming classes, which includes complex concepts like Differentiation and Integration in it. Thus, all these complex concepts can’t be understood without knowing the basics of Algebra.

Coordinate Geometry

In simple words ‘Coordination Geometry is the representation of polynomials in the graphical method.’ A student should be aware of various methods to find an answer. However, coordinate geometry is a bit of an easy concept in 9th class.

Linear Equation with Two Variables

This is one step forward from coordinate geometry. In this chapter, a student learns about solving a linear equation having two variables, graphically. These variables are in the form of ax+by+c=0

Introduction To Euclid’s Geometry

Euclid Geometry is a whole different concept from algebra. Therefore, the algebra has no scope from here, in class 9th. This mathematical concept was given by the famous Greek mathematician, Euclid. This chapter is included in the syllabus to make the student aware of geometrical shapes and objects.

Lines and Angles

Lines and Angles are the basis of geometry, we can’t do anything before understanding this concept. This makes this chapter kinda important for the students to understand, not for the purpose of gaining good marks but also to make it applicable in higher classes.


One of the widely used geometrical shapes is ‘Triangle’. There are many uses of triangles in higher classes. For example- trigonometry, congruency, and similarities. This chapter includes all the basic properties and characteristics of a triangle, that helps a student to deep dive into geometry. 


Shapes that have four sides are known as Quadrilaterals. This chapter serves the same purpose as the chapter ‘triangles’ does. Including all the basic properties of quadrilaterals like characteristics of the square, rectangle, and parallelogram. The student is generally asked to find and prove the theorems.

Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles

This chapter is new to students of class 9th. Areas of parallelograms and triangles let you know about the amazing applications of these shapes.  Students are advised to pay attention in class during this time, as it might seem a little difficult for them.


Unlike triangles and parallelograms, this chapter contains the same feature for the shape, circle. 


The chapter construction doesn’t have much scope in higher classes but is very important as a knowledge purpose. A student learns to draw accurate shapes and angles with the help of instruments like compass and rulers.

Heron’s Formula

This chapter tells students about various ways of finding areas of triangles. The same chapter student will experience in high school also.

Surface Areas and Volumes

It is one of the most important chapters in the whole syllabus. Students can easily gain marks by attempting these problems. All you need to do is learn all the formulas from this chapter. 


Statistics is a different branch of mathematics. It deals with real-life problems. The main concepts a student should mainly focus on in this chapter are Mean, Median, and Mode.


This chapter provides relief to students. Probability of class 9th is the simplest chapter, which is based on only one formula

The importance of the syllabus is clearly visible. So, it is important for a 9th standard kid to understand all the concepts properly.

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