The Soul Of Young Bloggers — Restrictions They Face

Young BloggersBlogging is one among the passions and hobbies of millions around the world. At least 10% of them are below 18, reports suggest. But the sad side of the story is that, the registration of domains and web hosting services is available only for the ones above 18. Thus thousands of young bloggers are still facing problems taking their blog into a new level.

I am also one among such bloggers. As I am below 18, I’m not able to register a custom domain other than the free ones. They can’t even try to use the best web hosting pack available. Thus the status of my blog has been tied up during the past few years. A custom domain is a must for today’s blogging system. As most of us look for custom domains rather than sub-domains. But the truth behind such a scenario is that sub-domain registered blogs have better quality posts as they are working hard to gain visitors. This system should be changed. Minimum age for registering a domain must be reduced to 10.

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