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SEO Right Through Windows Live Writer


As a blogger, you might be aware of renowned desktop publishing tool – Windows Live Writer. The very tool you are using to write and update content to your blog, can also help you to spread it to the web too. How? Just by the use of some in-built features and some plugins will take your post to the new heights and I`m sure Google or other search engine will love it too. What`s say? Let`s begin the SEO right through Windows Live Writer.

Image Optimization

  • Image Optimization – Not only image speaks thousands words, but they can also boost your blog/websites in SERPs just by the addition of ALT Tags, and what could be more comfortable when Windows Live Writer allows you to do the same in just few clicks (no coding skills required). It`s Picture Tools section comprises of plethora of features to optimize images regarding the size, cropping, adding watermarks, alt tags and much more. With that, I don`t think we need an extra tool to play with images. Right?

Windows Live Writer

  • Link Optimization – Whether you would like to let your post flow some link juice to the destined link or not, Windows Live Writer can better take care of it. Much heated topic over the blogosphere whether to set the links tags to do-follow or no-follow, is just one click away if you are using Windows Live Writer. Set the behavior of the links used in the post with a click while hyperlinking the text. Or revive your previous posts using the same and that too without having any brushes with codes. Users can also use Auto-Linking feature which results in a well knit content strategy. Such is the extent, Windows Live Writer provides you to optimize your text/content.

Spread Article

  • Spread your post to the world – Inclusion of traffic can be regarded as the outcome of the SEO, but what could be more alluring if we can start spreading our freshly written article right within this desktop publishing tool. Once you are done with your post, just ping the included web directories and ping servers right through it and wait for a masses to hit your blog/website. Moreover, with the use of Related Posts – a WLW Plugin, bloggers/webmasters can add related posts widget to your post, resulting in engagement of readers. The Plugin requires collaboration with links to show the previous posts in the Related Posts Section.

SEO Plugins

  • Not Satisfied? Plugins is what you need – No doubt, most bloggers are always keen to desire more and more, and that`s where the plugins comes into action, with over 170+ useful plugins, Windows Live Writer outshines the other desktop publishing tool. And some SEO related plugins which can boost your traffic insights in no time. Be it a Tag Generator(generates tags, keywords for your post), Social Bookmarking Tags(share your content with these social bookmarking buttons), Imtech SEO Slugs(create SEO Slug for your posts) all are really useful and provide automatic SEO techniques to boost up your post. So start optimizing your post right through it.

Perfect Environment

  • Provides Perfect Environment – Whoever it be, but without the perfect environment and the right tool in the arsenal, one cannot yield good results, great articles, and how can you expect a reader to appreciate it. You knows that all. What I mean about “Perfect Environment” is, the environment which allows writers to write articles without any distractions, without any hindrance, without the use of unnecessary tool which a mere feature of Windows Live Writer can perform. And you know Windows Live Writer is the one which is undisputed and is ahead of all.

Ending the article here, but it is the actual beginning of the what we have covered here to bring the masses to the blog/websites. Don`t waste time waiting for Google or other search engine to index your posts, start from right when you are done with it (the post). So start spreading, start sharing!

This Article is written by Amit Sharma, passionate Blogger and Tech Enthusiast who writes at Pcmastero. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.


Amit Sharma is a passionate Blogger, Freelance Writer and a Tech Enthusiast, writes at Pcmastero about various Technologies and loads of geek stuff. Connect with him at Facebook.

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