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8 Reasons Why You Need A Good Digital Marketing Strategy


Digital Strategies are new techniques applied in an existing business activity or a process of identifying, articulating and executing digital opportunities that will increase organization’s competitive advantage.

There’s a large spectrum of tactics and techniques that fall under the umbrella of Digital Marketing, whose business leverage digital channels such as Google search, social media, email and websites to communicate with customers online. Business websites may be good at online strategy, but without a digital marketing strategy, you will lag behind with those who do.

Good Digital Marketing Strategy

Globally, the world is shifting from analog to digital, and people consume more and more digital content on a daily basis on mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers and more. If your business is not aware of this in your marketing strategies, you need to adapt fast because sooner or later, digital marketing will soon replace traditional forms altogether.

Aside from being affordable, digital marketing gives ease, and the results can be easily tracked and monitored. This will quickly view customers rates and measures of your marketing campaign and thus, enable you to plan more effectively for the next one.

Here are logical reasons why a digital marketing strategy is needed.

1. You’re Directionless

The absence of clear set goals and strategies to attract more customers online is not good in business. You need to be in the right direction if you want to achieve your goals. If you don’t have these goals set up digitally, you will not be able to identify how much resources you have to provide or on what level are you in reaching your goal.

What happens if you do not have direction is like a wheel turning that goes round and round without a definite aim. This is disastrous because you have to start all over again as you have no key strategies as to when one level of work is finished. The end result will be more expenditures added to start all over again.

2. You Don’t Know Your Online Market Share

One important information you need to know online is how many shares of the market you have. If you have no knowledge on this, then you will have no idea about customers demand. Companies who monitor the market share in details can easily think of new strategies or techniques that will capture a much larger share of the market. This can be done if you’re aware of new digitally strategic marketing tools to push ahead of your company than the others.

3. Regular And New Competitors Have Bigger Market Share

You have to allot funds to digital market and conceptualize clearly defined strategies so that adversaries will not consume your lunch pack in the digital market. Companies who have mastered the digital marketing strategy captures a large percentage of the market. And those who don’t, they lag behind and this results to customers not appreciating your product and the company.

4. You Don’t Have A Strong Online Recommendation

A well-defined client proposition online will differentiate online service that will attract regular and new customers and will remain loyal. Some companies online offer deals and best value guarantees to customers who attract the eye and pocket of prospective buyers. A product of the same kind but with different online value proposition differs one way or another when taking into consideration appreciation and loyalty of customers. To have a stronger online presence, you can employ the expertise of organic blogger outreach companies.

5. You don’t familiarize with customers

You must formulate an initiative to be able to know your customers online. This can be done by using website comments so you can have an idea of what they want. This can also be done through social media platforms where you can get in touch with your customers more personally. If a company has no idea about customers within a specified area, a sale is not possible. Online marketing is the best place to sell products these days.

All are done digitally, from accessing your products online with their phones up to the purchase, all is done digital i.e. paying these products using debit/credit cards, etc. Usually, customers prefer easy buying, so they go online to do this. If a company is not aware of these digitally online marketing strategies, they will be unaware of the necessary preparation to close the deal online. No deal, no sale, no profit.

6. You’re not integrated

Packaging a digital marketing into a professional marketers or digital agency is more convenient although less effective. Integrating digital media work with old media timers, and response channels work best. However, all aspects of integration must be studied to become effective online. It doesn’t mean that if learn one aspect, this will be the best one. Exploring all the possible sides of digital online marketing will enhance the visibility of website online.

7. You don’t have enough resources

Responding to competitive threats will be difficult because of insufficient resources for planning and execution. Lack of funds results in lack of particular skills to combat digital difficulties. This is something you must certainly invest on if you plan to compete with the big players. You don’t have to put all your money in it all at once. Do it a bit at a time with a budget that you can afford and work from there.

8. You’re not optimizing

Senior managers in companies who have websites have analytics. Key aspects of search marketing, site user experience, email and social media marketing can progress to continuous improvement if the strategy enabled gets the basics right in the first place. Optimizing is one of the most basic points that you should never forget. If you need help with that, remember that there’s a lot of SEO optimization companies available.


A digital marketing strategy can be quite pricey. That’s the reason why most companies shy away from the notion especially if companies are earning using the traditional marketing strategy. Companies are unaware that advertising a website alone does not limit the notion rather it can quickly lead to exponential growth.

A realistic and effective digital strategy incorporates other engagement methods online like promotional content through email blasts, social media and app management, content generators, bloggers, and web optimization companies. When combined with analytics which measures execution success, the digital strategy will pave the way to increasing market share and delivery of a substantial ROI.


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