Innovation In Mattress Technology For A Better Sleep

Past few years, mattresses options have increased and more varieties have come up into the marketplace. Latex and Memory Foam mattresses are popular in market due to affordable prices.

Innovation In Mattress Technology For A Better Slee

Besides this, there are various types of foams that manufacturers are incorporating in innerspring mattresses, which simply means that innovation is trying to improve our sleep. Following are negative and positive aspects of various types of mattresses available in market.

Types of Mattresses

Innerspring Mattresses

These mattresses cater to the sleeping needs of people who want foam mattress. These mattresses consist of numerous wires of various gauges being spun into coils. Generally, those coils are topped with some sort of quitting or foam for providing softer feel. If used normally, these mattresses last for 6 – 10 years. Some people find these mattresses uncomfortable in comparison to foam or water bed mattresses. Standard innerspring mattresses often hammock or cave in middle of bed after some years of use.

Water Bed

A standard spring mattress generally creates pressure on the sleeper’s body that can be reduced by using water. Sleeping on water provides alignment to spine and reduces the ache caused by normal mattresses. The sleeper can use heaters for warming up water in winters. Such a practice can reduce muscle tension and can relieve stress to a greater extent.

However, there are chances of huge mess with these mattresses. A small puncture in the bed can convert your bedroom into a swimming pool. The other issue with these mattresses is that in case you have a partner, who shares bed with you, his/her movement can cause disturbance and wakes you up.

Air Mattress

Air mattresses come with various firmness options as per the amount of air filled into it. Every side of the bed can be fixed to a particular firmness level catering to the need of person sleeping on a particular side. Such a customization is not unavailable in other bed types.

The comfort level provided by this mattress is comparable to that of a water bed. Introduction of new technology has made it easier for users to get it customized as per their requirements. Air mattresses have many interior parts which can, and often, do break. The companies offering such beds provide limited period warranty. These beds can easily cave-in similar to innerspring mattresses over time, thereby leading to an uncomfortable sleep. Therefore, it’s important to try it once before purchasing. Besides this, you can check online guides for buying these Mattresses, but we favor write-ups from due to the excellent guidance provided by them.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Introduced by NASA, these mattresses have been carved in a way to give pressure relief to sleeper and are therefore usually used in medical conditions for providing relief to the patient. Each memory foam mattress is different from another and varies largely across manufacturers. It is generally polyurethane foam and not a natural bed.


Whichever mattress you want to buy, read the reviews for better guidance.

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