4 Reasons Why Car Hauling Business Owners Need Insurance

If you have or are trying to get into any business that requires or handles vehicles, chances are you know just how complex things can get. When vehicles get involved in a business, multiple new risk factors get introduced into a company’s day-to-day operations.

It can get even more confusing if you have a car carrier (or a few of them) — after all, car haulers are a huge investment for any business. Auto transport companies, auto body shops, repossession companies, and car dealerships are just some businesses that require car hauler insurance. However, the recommended insurance coverages may vary from business to business.

But as a car hauling business owner, why exactly do you need insurance?

It’s Required

Although state law requirements may vary, it’s a good idea to have car hauler insurance more often than not. Check your state’s regulations to see whether you need it and, and while you’re at it, check the minimum coverage requirements in your area. That said, it’s never a good idea to skip insurance unless you have the money to cover any losses that might unexpectedly occur.

Even if you do have the money to cover any potential losses, not having car hauler insurance may hinder a few aspects of your business. For example, even if your state has lax requirements, other states and federal agencies might not let you on the road if you don’t meet a certain coverage level.

You May Lose Business

If you’re an auto transport business, you might flat out lose some business opportunities if you don’t have car hauler insurance. 

For one, some direct clients may refuse to work with you at all if you cannot prove to their satisfaction that you have enough insurance coverage.

Another reason is that you may not even be able to bid on open jobs on auto transport platforms if you don’t meet minimum insurance requirements.

Protecting Your Investment

Getting started in auto hauling can cost big bucks. A hauling rig alone can cost you anywhere from $15,000 to $175,000. Some business owners may even see costs upwards of $200,000 just for their truck and trailer. And, most of the time, these costs are covered by loans and usually repaid over time.

Without auto hauler insurance, you could be out a huge amount of money if something unexpected happens.

Depending on your insurance company, car hauler insurance can cover general liability, comprehensive physical damage, property damage, cargo, bodily injury, uninsured motorist protection, and collision damage. Some policies can even include unattended vehicle coverage.

Protecting Your Bottom Line

Auto hauler insurance doesn’t just protect your rig, it also protects your business. Here are just some of the things you may find insurance protecting you from:

  • Any repayment for damage or losses of cargo won’t come out of your pocket. This includes repair or replacement of cargo and may sometimes even cover the difference in diminished value of damaged/repaired vehicles.
  • Liability insurance protects you from the costs of lawsuits in case of litigation. 
  • Physical damage protection covers the costs of your rig’s repairs in the event of an accident.

Having insurance allows you to minimize your downtime, which means you can keep your business running and profitable as much as possible.

Final Thoughts

Car hauler insurance protects your business in many ways, but one of the best things you can get from it is peace of mind. Meeting certain levels of coverage reduces any limits your business may face and helps you stay on your feet if anything unexpected occurs. It’s best to speak with your insurance agent to see what additional coverages may benefit you best.

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