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Art, Color, and Layout in Online Casino Design


It’s easy to see Swedish online casinos booming in 2021 —63% of the Swedish gambling market’s 2021 Q2 revenue was made up of online casino and sports betting operators’ revenues. But, this boom also means a lot more competition for both established and newly launched online casinos. Online casinos need to consider how their site’s art, design, and technology will encourage customers to choose them over the competition.

Even with the best games and casino utan svensk licens snabba uttag, intuitive design and stylistic coherence remain crucial elements for Swedish online casinos in converting new visitors into regular users. This is why an online casino’s look and feel needs to evolve naturally with the audiences and demographics it aims to appeal to.

Designing for Casino Brand Promotion

First, imagine an online casino offering a full selection of the most modern online gambling activities, with great bonuses and great payment options, but a confusing, headache-inducing mess of a website that looks like it was designed in 2004. Suppose you’re anything like most modern internet users. In that case, unless you already know about all the casino’s amazing benefits in advance — you’d have no reason to stick around on a website that has no respect for aesthetic sensibilities.

Just as in any industry, online casinos must differentiate themselves by their brand images. But, despite the broad range of potential brand images, here are a few fundamental design philosophies sure to serve any online casino well.

Simplifying Layouts

Before hiring any artists or graphic designers, the first thing an online casino needs to get right is the layout of its website. If visitors are having a hard time finding their way around your online casino at this early stage of development, adding a slew of bright colors and flashy graphics isn’t going to make things any easier.

Some good rules of thumb when designing the layout of your online casino are:

  1. Minimize clutter. Treat web content as an answer to a question; no one likes answers to questions they haven’t asked. Position information where users seeking it are likely to look. 
  2. Position the signup button prominently. Since most online casinos require players to create an account to start playing, it’s only natural that the signup button should be one of, if not the easiest, buttons to find in an online casino.
  3. Use white space to make navigation easier. A little bit of white space between website elements helps users navigate more easily by clearly distinguishing between different site elements.
  4. Design for mobile. There’s no guarantee which device online casino players will use, so online casinos need to operate equally well whether their users access their services via the desktop website, mobile website, or mobile app.

Incorporating Social Media

Social media is among the many recent tech innovations that have drastically improved player experience and engagement. It is a powerful and accessible means to market a product or service when adequately utilized. Since it’s only natural for us to want to make a big deal out of a big win, by allowing players to spread the word of their winnings straight to social media, online casinos can satisfy the social needs of their players while leveraging those same social needs to attract even more customers and grow their player base.

Stick to a Definite Color Scheme and Art Style

A large part of casino graphics design boils down to applications of color theory because colors impact our psychology. When designing an online casino, designers can’t just go with their top 3 favorite colors. To properly decide on a color scheme, factors such as whether or not there is existing branding to consider and the demographic makeup of the online casino’s target audience need to be taken into account.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Know Your Target Audience

Depending on the kind of gambling on offer, an online casino may primarily cater to men or women; it may appeal more to new money entrepreneurs, or it might be popular with old money traditionalists. The significance and application of each of the previously discussed online casino design philosophies will vary for each demographic.

Older users may be confused by minimalist design, whereas younger users may be overwhelmed if too much text is used. Social media integration may or may not be a benefit depending on whether your target demographic makes use of it. And, certain colors are less appealing to men than to women, and vice versa.


To survive in 2021, Swedish online casino websites need to attract and retain players in an increasingly saturated industry. To accomplish this, deliberate decisions regarding online casino website design need to be made based on target demographics to promote player comfort and accessibility, social media integration, and coherent branding throughout.


Ram Kumar blogs at DeviceBowl. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Addicted to Blogging and Coding.

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