Purchasing bar codes from resellers, is it safe

Meta Description: An explanation as to how resellers of bar codes run and register UPC and EAN formats for retail purposes.

Bar codes from resellers, what are they

Purchasing Bar Codes From Resellers, Is It Safe

Resellers are companies such as us at https://barcodes123.co.za/ that sell GS1 registered bar codes at a cheaper once off rate to small businesses, Entrepreneurs, or start-ups. We are based in Bloemfontein, South Africa but as our services are online and our bar codes are international, we can sell you registered bar codes that you can use worldwide, and we email you your pack in a zipped folder for download.

You may be wondering why we are able to sell registered bar codes at such an affordable rate as well as not charge any annual renewal fee’s that other companies charge in order to keep your sequence active. The reason for this is that before the year 2002 GS1 were selling also at a once off rate like we do but then in 2002 they introduced the policy that a yearly fee will be applicable in order to keep them active. This did not sit well with the companies that had purchased in bulk before this policy was introduced as it would be a huge cost to their company annually. These companies then banded together, and they took GS1 to court to appeal and they won the case. Although they were exempt now from paying the annual fee they were now sitting with a surplus that they had no use for and had never used before and they decided to sell them onto smaller companies like ourselves at a cheaper rate which allowed us to sell them onto smaller enterprises at a once off affordable rate. Our bar codes do not expire and can be used for life. When purchasing from us your details will not reflect on the GS1 live global database but will be registered on our closed database and you will be issued with a ownership certificate, they will remain unique to you and you can be rest assured that there will be no duplications. We follow rigorous procedures to ensure this.

When you purchase from us, we include both the UPC and EAN format of your codes in your electronic pack, this is for your convenience as you may find along your marketing journey of your products that you may require both formats. Please confirm directly with your individual retailers which format they would prefer for you to place on your products to be sold in their stores as some may prefer the twelve-digit UPC format over the EAN. If you are selling your product in South Africa, then the majority prefer the thirteen-digit EAN format. Did you know that UPC stands for Universal Product Code and EAN for European article number, this makes it a bit easier to understand why they are called what they are? These two formats were designed especially to be used on products in retail stores. You can purchase directly from our website, once you have completed your payment you will then be required to send us and email with the details to which you would like your bar codes registered as belonging too, you can choose to register them either under your company name or your own name and surname, the choice is yours, this name will also reflect on your ownership certificate which you may be required to provide to your chosen retail stores as proof of ownership. Your ownership certificate will reflect the first and last number of your sequence that has been assigned to you. We also include high resolution images which are at the correct resolution for the scanners in stores, these images have been designed for you to either forward onto your graphic designer to include in your labels and packaging or to a printer to print for you on rolls of stickers. This can be done at any printer in your area that has a service offering for this. If your retailer advises you that you also require ITF-14’s, we can do that for you as well. We charge the same rate for ITF-14’s that we do for the UPC and EAN formats. They are used on the outer casing or boxes that your products are delivered to the store in.

They are not used at the point of sale. We use your EAN to create your ITF-14 and we then email you the images and numbers as well in your electronic pack via email. The images are designed and created by our design team to ensure the best quality at all times. These can also be printed on stickers to place directly onto the boxes when needed. We do not load any data or information onto the bar codes themselves as the retail store will do that directly on their own system so that if any changes need to be made they are able to edit it on their system such as price etc. This also allows for you to purchase some extra and keep them for when needed as we do not assign them to any products upon purchase.

Unfortunately, in this day and age you always need to be vigilant and aware of those out there trying to scam the honest hard working people, so please always ensure before purchasing that you are purchasing from an authentic and legal reseller. Always do your research, it is better to be safe than sorry. Purchase all your registered bar codes directly from us to ensure the highest quality codes and images sent directly to your email within a day of making payment. We can assure you it is easy and stress free, no paperwork to be filled in and no hidden costs or clauses. If you have any questions or would just like to chat with us get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you through your barcoding journey.

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