What Games Can My PC Run?

Games are continually evolving, with better graphics, richer sound, and more impressive effects. While games are fun, you don’t want to upgrade your computer every single year. So just what games can your computer actually run?

What Games Can My PC Run

In this article, we will outline some ways to check your computer specs and see the best ways to get your game on. Even if you have an older system, there’s something for everyone.

Which Games Can Your PC Play Today?

Just because a computer is a bit older doesn’t mean there are no games to play on it. Even antiquated DOS-based machines have classic games they can run. In fact, there are entire communities dedicated to classic DOS games.

With that said, you may be surprised by what your current rig can run. In the world of computers, bigger isn’t always better, and there are ways to squeeze some extra power out of existing hardware. These adjustments include everything from custom boot discs to simply thinning out background apps.

While a boot disc may be a bit overkill for the average user, thinning out background apps is a simple trick that nearly anyone can benefit from.

Merely glancing at the row of icons next to your clock will typically show you the background apps. In most cases, at least some of these programs are unnecessary and can be closed.

The goal is to maximize the free resources that the computer can use to run whatever game you want to play. While some of it boils down to trial-and-error, there are several ways to estimate what your PC will tolerate.

Never Fear, Go by the Year!

The easiest way to guesstimate what games your PC can run is to compare the year of a particular game’s release with your PC. Specifically, it’s the processor and video card that are of primary interest here. Generally, your PC will comfortably run any game released a few years before you bought it. Older games might be incomparable with the latest version of your operating system, though that’s not guaranteed.

Games made in the same year as your PC should run okay as well, though it may require beefier hardware, such as more RAM, a faster processor, and a dedicated graphics card.

When it comes to newer games on outdated hardware, that’s when things start to get dicey. The game will often refuse to run outright, or the frame rate will be so slow that it will look like a slide-show.

Just In Case, Check the Database

If you’re still unsure or you can’t remember when you bought your PC, you could also consult an online database. This database is a tool that analyzes your computer for you, gathering the required information and checking it against the system requirements of games.

Using an online database is an excellent option for those less technically inclined or those who want a quick answer without jumping through many hoops.

Solitaire is Always There

Even the most modest PCs can run Solitaire, and it can be quite a fun diversion for those with limited-time or performance specs. Using modern website technology, the classic solitaire game can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, without installing any software! Simply visit the link above, and within seconds you will be enjoying the genuine solitaire experience right in your web browser.

While Solitaire may seem simple, that simplicity can be deceiving. While the game is easy to learn, it is quite challenging to master. You can adjust the difficulty by changing the number of cards drawn from the pile or adjusting your time limit. There are even Solitaire world records for the fastest times if you are feeling ambitious!

Have Some Fun With the Game Made For One

So don’t despair, there’s always one game your PC can run, and it’s a classic game that has stood the test of time! Dust off that PC and start stacking cards! Whether as a quick diversion or setting a new personal best, you’ll find challenges and entertainment with a game that any PC can run. Happy stacking!

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